Monday, March 14, 2016

28 Weeks

Hello 3rd trimester!

I don't have a lot of update about really.  Things are still going along just fine!
I had an OB appointment this week and I was pretty shocked to learn that I have gained 18 lbs thus far. I mean I know that's a normal amount of weight to have gained, but I definitely don't feel 18 lbs heavier.  I'm definitely getting a bigger belly, but a lot of my clothes still fit.  My mom always told me that someday being tall would pay off!  I guess it's true that you can hide weight pretty easily.

About a week ago I experienced my first leg cramp in the middle of the night.  I had just a couple with Leo, but they are so terrible.  If you've ever had one you know real pain. haha.
I did what Lee told me to do - stand up as quickly as possible to stretch it out.  It is terrible, but it really does help it go away quickly.
Note to self to keep drinking lots of water and eat bananas.

Baby boy is moving lots. And I still win an award for worst mother because I cannot stand the feeling. I can definitely see him moving now too.  When I'm laying down I can watch him roll over and push.... eeeek I hate it. haha.

This week on Wednesday we got a new nephew!! My sister-in-law Amber had her baby boy Theo!  Another boy cousin for Leo and baby brother!

How far along: 28 weeks 
Total weight gain:  18lbs at my appointment at 27+1
Maternity clothes:  I have 3 pair of maternity shorts and I've been wearing them for a couple weeks! I can still wear my regular shirts and a few pairs of jeans that sit low. 
Stretch marks: nope.  I hope my skin stretches the same as last time! 
Sleep:  Good, I have woken up several times with my hands asleep from sleeping on my sides, which I'm not used to but I'm trying to do because that's the "proper" way to sleep apparently. 
Best moment of this week:  Leo told everyone in the elevator and in the waiting room that we were "going baby doctor" it was so sweet.  We heard a great heartbeat and everything was good at my appointment! yay! 
Miss anything:  This pregnancy I'm having a harder time with caffeine... even though I was definitely getting less sleep when I was pregnant with Leo because I'd get up at like 5:30am for work and was working on my Master's so I was staying up late.  Leo sleeps until about 7-7:30 most days and I'm usually in bed by midnight so it's plenty of sleep... but I'm just craving coffee and Dr. Pepper! I usually limit myself to 1 a day.  1 cup of coffee or 1 can of Dr. Pepper (with cherry!) 
Movement: yes!! I already discussed that. haha
Food cravings:  No. Unless it's Dr. Pepper with cherry. lol 
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope. 
Have you started to show yet:  Yes!  But I could still hide it if I wanted to.  Strangers haven't started commenting yet. lol 
Gender:  BOY! 
Labor signs:  no
Belly button in or out: in, but getting flatter by the day! 
Wedding rings on or off: on, but now that you mention it I might take my engagement ring off... it's getting hotter in FL and I am terrified of having my rings stuck on. 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to:   Having this baby!  Seeing my new nephew (pictures only, he's in Canada) has given me major baby fever and I want mine!!! 

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