Wednesday, February 10, 2016

23 weeks pregnant and 23 month old toddler

23 is the magic number this week! and I'm just bored enough to not want to go to sleep (regardless that it's 11:52pm) and yet not motivated enough to clean or work on projects for my etsy shop.
So blogging it is!

I'll start with my pregnancy because that's probably what I'd have the least to say about.
Things are still going great and uneventful for the most part.
I had an appointment Monday and everything was fine.  It was the shortest appointment ever. Weight, blood pressure, pee in a cup, measure belly, listen to heartbeat... any questions? I typically have very low blood pressure - like 80/50 and this time it was 110/55, which is still normal, but high for me. It's maybe better if it's slightly higher than my normal because I often get light headed if I stand up too quickly.

I've gained about 10lbs and am starting to look more pregnant.  My clothes still fit but a lot of my jeans (except for the stretchy ones) are too uncomfortable to wear at this point. I have all these really cute pairs of maternity shorts that I was all prepared with but it's been COLD and I haven't worn shorts in weeks.  I only have 2 pair of maternity jeans and they're still too big at this point.  I've been re-wearing the same 3-4 pair of stretch jeans and dresses of course.
I'm at that point though where I just look chubby - which isn't fun when you're getting dressed :/

I feel like my baby bump is a little lower this time around.  With Leo I felt big really high up, like right under my boobs, but this time I don't feel that yet.  It's kinda silly, but I hope I carry a little lower this time because that makes a cuter baby bump. haha.

Other than weight gain, eating a lot, and peeing more frequently I don't feel much different and don't have any other symptoms.  Thank goodness!

At 23 weeks baby boy is over a pound and is about 8inches long!  I'm feeling him move a lot, especially when I lay down at night. Lee has felt him a couple times but usually when I say oh feel! baby stops moving.
Leo is fascinated by all the talk about baby brother.  He knows he's a boy and tries to talk to him through my belly button.  The other day he had a little toy and was giving himself an ultrasound and saying baby! baby! He also tries to listen with his toy stethoscope. Once he was doing it and my stomach growled and his eyes got huge! haha

Leo is 23 months.  2 weeks away from being 2.

I don't even know where to begin with this child.  I know I'm his mother, but he is amazing.  He blows my mind every day.  He is so smart.  He only needs to hear or see something once to have it memorized.

He loves to sing - he can sing his ABCs (sorta,lol), Jesus Loves Me, Row Row Row Your Boat, Wheels on the Bus, Elmo's World, Spiderman, Batman, and his favorite bedtime song is I Can't Stop the Rain (which is doubly precious because this is one of Lee and I's "songs" he used to sing it to me all the time when we were dating... now Leo requests the rain song before bed.  Oh my heart)
He also likes to drum and has a great little dance when he's drumming on his toy bucket flipped upside down. yea...

One of his absolute favorite things to do is draw, paint, color, etc.  He asks to do art.  It is the BEST.  I mean I obviously love art and crafts so doing little painting projects with Leo is a very enjoyable part of my day.  And if I need some time to get something done he is so happy to sit at the table with blank paper and markers.  He's really good at putting the lids back on the correct colors too!

Which leads me to - colors.  For about a month now Leo has had his colors down. You can even quiz him about what color something is even if he can't see it.
One day last week we were in the car and I said something about Nanny and Leo said - I want ride Nanny's red car.
My mom's car IS red! He hadn't seen that car for over a month and I definitely haven't talked about it!  Crazy.  He also talks about mommy's grey car and daddy's white van :) which we are getting RID of that van this weekend!  Oh Happy Day!

Leo can recognize very easily 20 letters of the alphabet.  He's still working on the weird ones - q,u,v,x,y, and k... even though he knows how to say Kelsey. haha
He'll sit and do his alphabet puzzle and say - A Apple, B Batman, C Cookie.  It's the best.   He picks out letters everywhere we go.  License plates, signs in Target, on trucks driving down the street... I know that letter recognition doesn't necessarily correlated to reading, but I'm still impressed.
He's counting to 3 and recognizes the numbers too!

He can identify pretty much every single DC and Marvel superhero.  He LOVES them.  Batman and Joker are his favorites... then Ironman and Spiderman.

There's basically nothing in any book that he has that he doesn't know anymore.  Every animal, instrument, household object.  He's got it.  His vocabulary exploded!  We can have full conversations now.

He also loves to help in the kitchen.  Lee lets him do dishes all the time and so he loves to pull a chair to the sink and play in the water and wash stuff. haha.  It keeps him busy!
He also cooks.  If you ask him how to make macaroni and cheese (his #1 favorite food) he'll say - water, pot, hot, bubbles, roni, milk, butter, cheese, spoon.
hahahaha I'm not kidding. He knows the steps.

On top of being so smart he really is incredibly sweet.  Every morning when I open his door he says - Hi Mommy!! He's so excited every time.
He likes to give kisses.  He wants me when he's hurt.  He likes to talk to baby brother.  He gets crazy excited when Daddy gets home.  We hear the lock turn and he jumps up and runs to the door.

He can thrown some tantrums but thankfully they are very few and far between and have ALWAYS correlated to a missed or shortened nap.  I used to roll my eyes when parents would say - oh he's  tired.  But seriously, it messes kids up. lol.
Last week one day Leo only had about an hour long nap (he usually sleeps at least 2) and he woke up wanting an orange straw for his drink.  We don't own an orange straw.  He was so sad and cried and cried and cried.  He refused all drinks and all colors of straws.  It was the most upset I've ever seen him.  He's not typically a crier... not when he's left in the nursery, not when he gets hurt, not when he's told no..... but man don't have an orange straw when he wants it and it was the end of the world.

We've been very consistent and mindful of doing timeouts lately.  He only gets timeout pretty much if he hits.  I know it sounds crazy, but I can't think of many other situations where he's misbehaved to warrant a time out (I swear, he is SUCH a good toddler)... but sometimes he does hit.  He usually hits Lee, but occasionally me too.  We say - Leo you're in timeout go sit on the couch. He'll walk over and sit and not get up until we come talk to him.  He's so good even in timeout!  He started catching on really quickly though and as soon as he'd sit on the couch he'd start saying - Sorry Daddy!! Daddy I sorry!! Come here Daddy! I sorry!
It's adorable. hahaha. But he stays in timeout for 2 minutes.  Ped said 1 minute for however old they are so we just started with the 2 because he's almost 2.
It's only been a couple weeks but I'd say for us timeout has been extremely effective.  We just have to be consistent and do it every time he hits, even if we're not at home.

So yea, over all everything is great and I am looking forward to 2!  I read that in Europe they call it the boundary stage rather than using the phrase "terrible twos" which I like much, much better!

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