Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Leo 22 Months

On Christmas Day Leo turned 22 months old!  Just 2 months until he's a 2 year old!
It really seems like he's 2 already.  I got some pretty skeptical looks when I flew with him last week as a lap child... probably Leo's last free flight!

At my midwife appointment last week we weighed and measured Leo while waiting and he's approximately 32 lbs and 37-38 inches tall. It's hard to measure a moving kid!

At 22 months Leo is very entertaining.  While my inlaws were here visiting and when we went to my parent's house were seriously just sat around watching him do stuff and getting him to perform. haha

One of his newest things is singing Frosty the Snowman.  We showed him this movie twice over Christmas and he LOVED it.  Every snowman is Frosty and if the snowman doesn't have a hat it's a major problem.
He's also getting better at singing his ABCs everyday.  We thought he was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star the other day because he actually has the tune of it down!
He loves letters.  He's very good at identifying letters and what word we associate with them. For instance - A is for Apple, B is for Batman, C is for Cookie, D is for Daddy, E is for Elmo, F is for Fish, etc.  There are just a couple that we are still working on!  He is so much fun to teach because he picks it up so quickly and enjoys it.
And no surprise his favorite breakfast cereal is Alphabits. They were on Target's Cartwheel one day for 50% off so I thought I'd try them now every single morning he asks for them.... awesome.

Speaking of eating.... Leo pretty much doesn't anymore.
He started getting picky here and there and then we went to Ohio for 10 days over New Years and he basically refused any food that wasn't - cereal, milk, bananas, oranges, grapes, cheese, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, pizza, peanut butter and jelly, muffins, donuts, cookies, candy, ice cream - you get the idea.
I can't remember the last time he ate a vegetable or meat willingly.
Now that we're home there's definitely going to be a better focus on eating (for him and me and baby!). I'm going to have to sneak vegetables in where I can.

Today we painted and he was so good about asking for each color and identifying the correct color, he has still been getting confused a little here and there but this morning he named each color perfectly. - red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, white, and black.
His favorite colors, or at least the ones he learned the quickest were green and orange.

I really could go on and on about how smart he is... he knows his shapes, he can match his memory game cards, he can identify anything  you point out to him around the house or in a book (even stuff I have no clue how he learned!), but what I'm most proud of with Leo is how well behaved, yet independent he is.
My mom was saying the other day - it's weird but he's actually a very rational almost 2 year old.
He does very well if I explain to him what we are doing and why or why not he can do it.  He understands that if he does _____ he can do _____.
I mean don't get me wrong he still slapped me in the face last week and if he's feeling really bold will yell NO when I ask him to do something, but the majority of the time he's actually very pleasant to be around.
I'm writing this down to remind myself of these things when and if things change in the coming months. haha

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