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19 Weeks - Baby Boy #2

I'm sure most people will accredit this to being my second pregnancy, I did a post at 6 weeks and then not again until 19, but really... I just have very boring pregnancies!
Ok so I should have done a post when we found out it was a boy and I could have posted last week when I felt him move for the first time. 

We'll catch up now.

At 10 weeks I went for my first actual OB appointment and opted to have the early blood test screening for different genetic disorders AND find out the sex of the baby.  Our insurance covered it and we just couldn't wait!
About a week later my doctor called with the results.  Of course Lee wasn't home when she called and I was like ugh should I wait to find out with him?! I decided I couldn't wait a second longer and had to know and I'd just tell Lee later!
We were going to be so excited either way - a boy means Leo and he would have a brother and a girl means a girl!  We'd have one of each!  

Here's the text I sent to Lee when I got off the phone. 

Later I text my friend Amber, my sister and brother.  Everyone else I called so I don't have a copy of the text - which are pretty fun to read haha 

Mark - what's his gender? haha

And Amber's are great :) 

We obviously were overjoyed with the news that baby brother will be joining our family!  And not just because I can use all of Leo's stuff again ;)
Also - we don't officially have a name.  We have a name we've talked about, but Lee and I both go back and aren't sure about it from time to time.  However we have agreed on exactly ZERO other names, so this will probably be his name, haha.

We also found out through the genetic testing that I am a carrier for a very rare and deadly disease called Batten's Disease.  We quickly had Lee tested as well and just found out that he is not a carrier so there is 0 chance that our children can inherit the disease.  Thank you Jesus!
It was a pretty stressful few weeks waiting to hear.  I mean we knew it was extremely rare and the chances were super low but still when it comes to your kids.... you worry.  I also worried because the way this disease develops you don't even know your child has it until around the age of 5 so Leo could have had it if we found out that Lee was a carrier.
But he's not!  Praise the Lord!  Thankful for our diverse gene pools :)

I had another appointment at 14 weeks where I met with a midwife who might be on call when I deliver in case my Dr isn't available.  Second time around I'm super comfortable with the idea of using a midwife, now that I know what to expect a little and that I like a very low/0 intervention delivery, etc.
At 14 weeks I had actually lost 2 lbs from my first appointment at 6 weeks (yea yea I know you go up and down 2lbs everyday they say) but still I was pretty happy with not gaining weight.  I was sure I was going to pop out with a huge belly at like 8 weeks pregnant like everyone warns you with with a second pregnancy, haha.  But here I am 19 and just starting to develop a slight bump and wearing all my regular clothes.  I weigh almost exactly what I did with Leo at this point, 1 lbs less.  For some reason I had it in my head that I had gained like 20lbs by this point with Leo but looking back over my blog it says 6lbs, so I'm losing my mind.

At 19 weeks I feel pretty much normal, other than if I stand up too quickly I feel the muscle tighten in my lower belly and it's uncomfortable.   I'm also starting to feel a little bit of the bump when I lay on my stomach, so that'll be ending soon.
I felt the baby move around 18 weeks.  I was at my parents laying on the couch watching TV and I felt what felt like him rolling over and pushing on my lower stomach. These early movements are sweet, but with Leo I did not like his movements after I while, that is so mean but it was so weird.  I wonder if I'll feel different this time around?
I already feel so much more attached to this baby than I did with Leo at this point.  It was still hard to connect that he was a real life baby and MY baby, but this time I know he's mine and I know how precious and fun he's going to be!

I've found during these two pregnancies that not until you have a very obvious bump do people (even people who KNOW you're pregnant) treat you with that nice, sympathy or care that pregnant ladies get. haha.  I don't know how many times I've had to remind people that I'm pregnant.... and it's annoying.  While I like being able to wear my regular clothes and I feel very comfortable I thought it'd kinda be nice if people in the airport would have known I was pregnant and carrying a heavy bag and chasing Leo around and felt sorry for me.  Just being honest. haha

At my anatomy scan baby boy was measuring a few days big.  I was 18+5 at the scan and he was 19+2.  Weighing about 10oz!  I'm thinking this boy will be born in May rather than June so I'm trying not to get attached the due date like I was with Leo.  It took me forever to get used to saying his birthday was February rather than March!
I'm aiming for a Memorial Day baby!

I've been taking "official" weekly pictures (mostly weekly) but I don't feel like finding my camera and getting it so this is one I took on my phone in the bathroom mirror like all good pregnant ladies do. 

How far along: 19 weeks 
Total weight gain:  4lbs at my appointment at 18 weeks 5 days 
Maternity clothes:  no
Stretch marks: no
Sleep:  Normal 
Best moment of this week: Seeing this baby boy!! 
Miss anything:  not really 
Movement: yes!! I felt him move when I was right around 18 weeks!  Little blimps of sweet baby movement. 
Food cravings:  No not really, maybe potato soup, or maybe I just like it. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: this is weird - but Leo's poop if he's not laying down on a changing table.  If he poops in the potty I seriously have to cover my face to not gag or if I have to change him standing up it's rough. 
Have you started to show yet:  not yet, but very soon! 
Gender:  BOY! 
Labor signs:  no
Belly button in or out: in 
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!!
Looking forward to:  People knowing I'm pregnant and having sympathy for me, hahaha 

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Amber said...

I'm so excited for you! all 3 of my girls were incredibly different pregnancies- like, weirdly different- I'm glad you're having a second easy pregnancy so far! some women are just blessed in that department!


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