Friday, November 13, 2015

Life update - Leo 19-20 months

I really  want to keep up with the monthly updates about Leo.  He changes so much and is learning at an unbelievable speed I want to remember when and how he changes.
But it's hard to actually sit down and write about it, especially now that I have opened my Etsy store!

I've wanted to have a handmade store for a very long time but the timing finally felt right a couple months ago - especially because we have  A LOT of expensive things coming up in our lives.  The biggest on the horizon being Lee's mission trip to Honduras in March.  It's a really great opportunity for him to go work in an overseas clinic that has been established for a long time and is sustainable... rather than just going into a place and treating people and then leaving them without a doctor again. It's a lot like the trip he recently went on to Nicaragua.

So back to my shop - I named it Sassafras Circle.
Coming up with a name was HARD.
Finally my sister mentioned using Sassy - which is what my nieces call me and then that evolved into Sassafras.  And circle because the main thing I make in my shop is wreaths.

Here's a few examples -

It's been a bit of a slow start, but I've had about 20 orders so far, so it's been worth it.  I hope it keeps growing and getting bigger and better!

I don't remember the last I updated, but Lee is now a 2nd year resident and staying busy with all his stuff.  We're in the middle of interview season - for residents to start next July and so Lee has been busy with reading applications and doing interviews.  Friday he's going to a recruitment event in Tampa and in December we're going to Amelia Island for Lee to go to a conference.  AND even more exciting!!!! With our credit card points we are getting 2 free tickets to Disney and taking Leo for Christmas on our way to the conference!!!
It will be my first time at Disney and Lee hasn't been since he was in the 3rd grade, so I'm pretty excited! and hello, free!!!!

Leo is now about 20.5 months old.  I really will try to do better with this updates... because I'm not exactly sure when he started doing certain things, but whatever.

He will not attempt to say any word you tell him to.  It's hilarious and adorable.  My favorite is getting him to say names.  He has a pretty big vocabulary now and can identify almost everything he sees..  He'll say and sign please and thank you pretty regularly without being prompted.  He only recently started saying thank you rather than just signing.  He says sorry so sweet and cute that whatever he's done I couldn't possibly be mad about anymore.... although it's usually because he's just gotten too rough and bit or hit me :/

He's completely potty trained while he's naked, but not at all while he's wearing clothe, underwear, or a diaper.  Something completely turns off that sensor that he has to pee when there is fabric touching him.  Oh well, he's still young and I'm not in a big rush to potty train him, but it is AMAZING to not have to think about diapers during the day while we're home.  If we stay home all day he only uses 2 diapers - nap time and bedtime.
He even attempts to dump his pee/poop into the big potty after he's done... which is sweet, but 1 time turned into a disaster when I didn't get to the bathroom fast enough.  I just leave the door open and he goes as he pleases on his little potty.  Well he started shutting the door when he has to poop (how does he even know?!) and so I let him be alone for about a minute and then go check, well a couple days I heard the big toilet lid open and got there in time to see him trying to dump his poop into the potty, hahaha, well one day I didn't and he missed. and it was a disaster.... and he was trying to clean it up. oh man. It was do disgusting but he was so cute trying to wipe it up.
I really have the sweetest little guy.  If he spills something he'll run and get a towel and try to clean it up.

Like I mentioned before he does sometimes bite or hit.   Like once a day or so if he gets overly excited or I'm ignoring him usually.  He plays a lot rougher with Lee, they wrestle a lot. But he never bites Lee, just me.  It's weird.  He knows he shouldn't and if I catch him in the act he'll look up at me with those big brown eyes and his mouth open with his teeth out like.... oooh yea, I'm not supposed to do this.
ugh. Oh well.  I don't think he's ever bit another kid, at least no one has ever told me he has, and he's getting much better with me too.

His favorite things to do are play with water, play with balls, run around wild at the play ground and slide and climb, and play his guitar and sing.  He's started mimicking Lee when he sings and will squint his eyes and open his mouth really wide.  It's hilarious and I've been trying to catch it on video.

We recently got back from a trip to Ohio to be with my sister Molly when he had her new baby boy Maximus.  I was able to be in the room when she gave birth!  And Leo was so sweet with the baby.
With his 2 yr old cousin Rynnlee.... not as much. haha. They were very competitive and I think encouraged each other to be a little more wild than usual.  But they had fun.  We got to go trick or treating with cousins and Leo and Rynnlee were Thing 1 and Thing 2.

We also spent a lot of time at my parents house and Leo absolutely loves loves loves my dad's animals.  I think the goats and the roosters were his favorite.  He would just run around and squeal.  He was so happy.  He really liked getting into their cages too. haha.  He would climb in and shut the door behind him.  What a weird kid.
He really bonded with my dad which was fun.  He'd wake up in the morning and the first word he'd say was Poppy?! and he'd want to go outside with him and ride his "tractor" - lawnmower and help him feed the animals.
He didn't care as much for the small animals - pigeons or baby bunnies.  He preferred the dangerous animals like big mean roosters or goats with horns.

We also got to visit about 4 times with my friend Michelle and her 3 kids and that was really fun.  I hope Leo grows up being close to his cousins and my friends from home's kids too.  It'll be nice for him to have family all over the place.
While we were in Ohio we met 4  new babies!  My nephew Max, my sorta family I'll call her a 2nd cousin kinda thing Addie, my friend Ellen's little guy Keegan, and my friend Caitlin's new baby girl Aaliyah.
I'm so thankful that surprisingly it's pretty cheap for me to fly home and I get to visit my family somewhat regularly... although I'm not gonna lie, I missed Florida.
We had really amazing November weather and it was in the 70s most days, but those cold mornings.... no thanks.  I decided that cold feet, cold toilet seats, being cold getting out of a shower - all those things  are things I do not miss at all.

And yea, that's about it.
Life is pretty good.  We're just trucking along and are starting to think about long term what we (Lee) want to do and where we'll live.  But for now we're enjoying life today.
I'm typing this while still in bed because after working several 24 hr shifts and another one tomorrow my husband offered to get up with Leo this morning and let me sleep in.
He owed me.
Hope he made breakfast!

Picture parade -

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