Monday, August 24, 2015

The day we forgot to change Leo's diaper.

Yesterday was Sunday, which means Leo spent about 3 hours of the morning in the church nursery while Lee and I taught our Sunday School classes and went to service.

We picked him up at about 12:15 and went to lunch at one of our favorite places (well Leo and I's favorite) Sweet Tomatoes.  It's a soup, salad, potato, pasta, bread, etc buffet.
I love it because I can get Leo to try like 19 different things without worrying about him not liking something and if he loves it I can go get more.

After lunch, probably about 2, we came home.  Leo fell asleep in the car and we carried him into his crib.  Lee and I were hanging out on the couch when he started to wake up, but had only been asleep about an hour and I knew he needed a longer nap so Lee went in to calm him down which ended with him taking Leo into our bed and they both fell asleep.  With nothing better to do (it's not like there was mountains of laundry everywhere or a sink full of dishes or no food in the fridge...) I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up around 4:30 and they were both still asleep!
At 5 I heard Leo wake up and went and got him and we started playing in the living room.
Lee got up a few minutes later and I asked him - Hey when's the last time you changed Leo's diaper? and he said... um when's the last  time you changed it?
Neither of us had thought to change him the entire afternoon!
I felt like such a bad mom.
Thankfully it wasn't dirty.  Just a little wet.
Oops!  Sorry Leo!

Sharing this story just because it's another one of those everyday, funny moments that we can look back on and laugh.

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