Friday, August 28, 2015

18 Months

We have a 1 and half year old!!

I would say something about how that's hard to believe... but honestly I've felt like Leo was this old for a while now.  He seems like he's been here with us forever!  I barely remember life without this adorable little wildcat running around.
I think he seems older because he has literally been running for about 8 months now, almost half his life.

He is the funnest baby.  Everyday is an adventure... and while I would like to just lie around and relax every once in a while, it's a blessing to have such an energetic, healthy boy to keep me on my toes.

At 18 months Leo is babbling non stop all day long.
His favorite words by far are Mama and no.  If you ask him a question the answer is always, always, always no.
He knows the difference between yes and no, but he prefers to start with a no every time, just in case.
He's added a lot of new words to his vocab this month - turtle, go, car, truck, dog, duck, star, ice, Batman (lol), circle, Neff (our fish that died), potty, poop, pee (potty training in our future perhaps?! lol)... and babies - he almost always says babies instead of just baby.  I think he's trying to make sure that I have twins next time around - yikes!
I counted recently as I was filling out the development survey for his 18 month appointment and he has about 30 words!  He hasn't started to put together 2 words yet really.  Every once in a while he will be I think it's more of an accident.

One of his favorite things to do, which is really silly, is have this green knit blanket thrown over his head.  It's hysterical.  He'll bring it to me and say peeeeeeeeeease!!!!! and just look at me with those big sparkling eyes until I put it over his head and then he'll squeal with delight and walk around the room looking like Cousin It.  We do this about 15 times a day.

It's really sweet because that green blanket is one of the first things I remember Lee buying me as a gift.  In college - probably freshman year,  we lived in a really small town and one of the only stores, and definitely the only place open 24/7 was Walmart so we'd often go there on dates and walk around.  I found a comforter set that I loved - it was brown with green polkadot trim and coral pink flowers on it.  The green knit blanket and pillow went with it.  I bought the comforter for my dorm and later he surprised me with the matching blanket and pillow.  That Lee has always been the best.

Anyway, Leo, Leo, Leo.
He has developed my love for art!  We like to draw with crayons and sidewalk chalk and paint with water colors!  He's so fun to make art with and in my unbiased opinion, very talented. ;)

I'd say meal time is getting a little more stressful.  His ped told us to expect his appetite to slack off, but some meals it's pretty difficult to get him to eat and especially hard to try and like new things. It's super easy to fall into the habit of just  giving him what he likes.  He has never refused yogurt, pizza, cheese, grapes, watermelon, or crackers. haha.  But can or should a kid live on that? Probably not.
He will still eat pretty much anything dipped in guacamole or hummus but I'm trying to not resort to that as often either.  Not that either of those things are bad, I just want him to be a little more flexible and to eat whatever I give him, you know?  Which I realize may not ever happen.
I have a separate food post I'm working on.  Just some stuff that's worked for us.

We're starting up our MOPS group again next week which I'm really excited about. We had a meeting recently for the table leaders and I left Leo in the young toddler room and when I picked him up they recommended that he go to the 2 yr old room.  I'm always nervous though that that means that he's been a bully to the smaller kids but they assured me that it wasn't and that he was just "mature" whatever that means.  But whatever, I'm glad he'll be with some older kids and hopefully pick up some of their good qualities.  One can dream right?

Leo is very independent already though insisting to do most things himself. I read an article recently about parents needing to let their kids explore and figure out physical things sometimes and it's one of those things that I for some reason have never had an issue with.  I give Leo a very long leash... I'm totally the parents that's making other parents at the park nervous. lol. He's been climbing the stairs and sliding by himself at the playground since about 16 months.  This week he swung on a big kid swing rather than the baby swing!

This past month Leo got a hair cut, went to Canada and hung out with family and friends at camp, went to a butterfly conservatory,
His Nanny came to Florida for a week while his Daddy was in Nicaragua.
And we've attempted to spend some time at home, which is difficult for me, haha I like to be on the go.

 I have lots lots more videos that I was planning on posting, but youtube isn't cooperating right now.  So maybe I'll update it later, but probably not.

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He has so much personality! Such a cutie.


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