Friday, January 30, 2015

Bubble Genius

I've been trying to make a point to write down more little precious moments that happen throughout the days with Leo.

Let me start this by saying of course I think my child is the most amazing, talented, smartest baby to ever live - duh.

Yesterday we went out on our little back patio and on the shelf was a tub of no-spill bubbles that we haven't played with in at least 3-4 weeks.  Leo went straight over and grabbed it, pulled out the wand and BLEW A BUBBLE.
I kid you not.
I was shocked.  This baby is a genius, right?!
He knew not only that they were bubbles but HOW to blow the bubbles.
How is that possible?!

He did it several times too.  It was not just a fluke.  Scouts Honor.

If only my phone's memory wasn't full I'd have video proof! haha!

To prove he is normal after all he did lick the wand and get soap in his mouth...

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