Saturday, January 24, 2015

A New Year

Yes it's January 24th and I'm just getting around to posting, but who said my New Year's resolution was to blog more often?
oh wait.
That was it.

Well guess what - I already have Leo's 11 month post completely finished (unless he does something unbelievably cute tonight, which is entirely possible).
I've also back tracked and finished up his 9 and 10 month posts!

The plan is to do a more detailed post about his first Christmas at some point and to blog about all the visitors we have had this winter.
Whew.  I am worn out from "vacationing"  and it's not even close to over yet as Lee's parents, my sister, my brother, and Lee's sister are all coming again within the next 2 months.
This is why I don't have time to blog.  I'm busy being a tour guide. duh.

It's a good thing that I like the beach and touristy things.  I should be a professional tourist.
Maybe I am already?

This is just a little update on life - apart from just a detailed account of all the cute and amazing things Leo does.

We've now been in Fort Myers for about 8 months and are fitting into life here really well.
So well that Lee and I have decided that if a job offer comes along in this area we would be very interested in staying!

Lee is currently on an inpatient rotation - which means he sees the patients from his clinic that are admitted into the hospital.  He's been working very long hours and about 6 days a week.  We've really been blessed that he has had almost every Sunday (and only Sundays) off since starting residency.  It is great that he is able to be involved at church and play music, one of the things he loves to do, but it's also hard because church takes up the majority of the day and so there isn't time to much else.
Over all though I am really happy with how well he balances work and home.  When he is here he makes it count and is so helpful and has so much fun with Leo.  I know it's the highlight of Leo's day if his Daddy makes it home before bedtime!

I've been keeping really busy with Leo, church events, my MOPS group, and all of our visitors!
I try to sneak in some time to craft/draw/paint here and there.  Blogging typically takes the back burner, but I'm working on being better at that too.

Something else that has been taking a lot of time and effort is Lee's new diet.
Lee is doing an experiment with a plant based, vegan diet.
For 12 weeks he's following the Forks Over Knives diet.  There is a documentary on Netflix and several books out.
Basically he can eat any vegetable, fruit, grain, legume, but ZERO sugar or added oils, which takes it a couple steps passed just vegan.
Do you know how hard it is to make food taste good with no oils and very little salt?!

I definitely have been streeeeeeeeetched in the kitchen.
No more lets just pick up pizza, lets swing by Taco Bell on the way home. haha.  We've actually eaten out about 3 times since Lee's started and he's been able to find options surprisingly!  He decided he wouldn't worry too much about oil when we're out because that'd be impossible and instead just have none at home.  Pretty much what he's eaten is mexican type meals - guacamole, beans, rice, salsa, and once we went to a place with a salad bar.

I am only doing the diet part time really.  I eat this way at dinner with Lee (when he's home....) and eat normally breakfast and lunch, but it's really making me think twice about what I eat and what I feed Leo - that's for sure!

I'll do some posts about types of things we've been eating someday, but basically a lot of rice, beans, soups, potatoes, peanut butter, salads (with no oil salad dressings!  I've made a few that aren't bad), nuts, and a whole lotta vegetables.

He's been at this a little over 3 weeks now and I'm definitely noticing a difference.  I mean, who wouldn't lose some weight eating like that?
I am so amazed at his will power.  If he has set rules there is no way he would ever break them. That's why an extreme diet like this is great for him.

At the end of 12 weeks (right before my birthday and a trip the Florida Keys we're planning!) he's going to start adding a little bit of oils back and fish... but I'm pretty sure we're done with red meat in this family indefinitely.  We had already made the switch from ground beef to ground turkey a couple years ago and I think since we've been married I've made steak or roast beef like 5 times, so that won't be an issue, except going out to eat!!! oh and bacon.
We've also stopped drinking cows milk.  In fact I have had very little dairy in the past 3 weeks (oh wait, except for Love Boat ice cream 2x with my mom... oops) but I don't eat much yogurt or cheese, so that's not going to be that hard either - except for pizza!!! there is always an "except!" haha
We drink almond milk or soy milk now.  I love almond milk.  It's so much better than regular milk ever thought of being.  I'm not kidding.
My issue would never be with meat or dairy - but with SUGAR. oh man.  I love sweet stuff.  But I've been practicing baking some health alternatives.... I'll let you know how it goes.  Baking with no eggs or butter isn't that fun.

So yea, lifestyle changes going on around here.  We just want to be healthy and active for Leo.  So he has healthy parents, but also so he forms healthy habits himself.
In addition to dietary changes we're really making a point to be outside and moving as much as possible.  I want Leo it enjoy outdoor activities so much that he won't have time for TV or an ipad when he's a little older... and if we're living in Florida the truth is he can be outside every single day.

Alright so for accountability purposes here are my "resolutions"

1. Blog more often
2. Finish Leo's actual hard copy baby book before his birthday (and have more photos printed!)
3. Find a new apartment/house before May (I really want a house with a yard.........)
4. No red meat, limited dairy, and drastically cut back on sugar.
5. Be consistent with my daily devotions
6. Make more of an effort to call, text, FaceTime and/or spend time in person if possible with my friends

Did you make any resolutions?

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Amber said...

why did you guys/Lee decide to go vegan-ish? just curious! sounds like you're doing a great job!


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