Friday, December 26, 2014

10 months

Leo turned 10 months old on Christmas Day.

Christmas was so much fun with a baby to share it with.
Lee and I have our own traditions as a married couple the past 6 years (six married Christmases?!) but Leo has just made everything that much more special and magical.
I think I'll do a whole Christmas post.  Maybe.  At least that's the plan.

At 10 months old Leo is 31.5 inches tall and around 25lbs.  I don't know exactly how much he weighs but it's at least 25lbs.
He's officially out grown his baby carrier.  It says until 32 inches or his head is 1 inch below the top and I figured better safe than sorry.
But the good news is that his convertible car seat only fits in the car (the van is old and the seats no longer move front to back) so Leo and I upgraded to the new car! haha sorry Lee...

Leo is taking steps everywhere and getting better every minute.  I think he's just going to take off running one of these days, but he still prefers to crawl because he's so fast!

He likes to clap his hands, throw his hands up in the air when we say yay! give high fives, and be chased around the house - especially by daddy because he makes silly noises while doing it.
He loves the pool and taking a bath.  I think the word they use for that is a water dog right? haha!
I can't wait until he can walk a little better to take him to the splash pad at the park - he will love it!

He has 7 teeth now.  4 on top and 3 on bottom.

The cutest thing he's started doing this month is clapping when I sing If You're Happy and You Know It!  It is the sweetest!!!
He still isn't talking much - he'll say baba, dada, and a few other sounds but NOT mama :(

This month he had a TON of visitors at his house and lots of first holidays to celebrate - including Thanksgiving and his Daddy's birthday!  He loved Thanksgiving dinner and gobbled (haha) up all the food we offered him - turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and even some of Daddy's ice cream birthday cake :0

If I wasn't an entire month late posting this I'd probably have more to say... but...... you know.
Here's some pictures!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

His birthday gift to Daddy 

FaceTiming with our friend Jack :) 

Leo's great-nana came to visit! 

 Leo was not a Santa fan.... 

Napping with Grandpa when he and Grandma were here

 visiting Jessi and Nima! 

 Aunt Mahima, Uncle Matt, and cousins Faith, Hope and Luke came to see us too! 

Christmas Eve


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