Monday, October 20, 2014


I've been posting so much about Leo, all things baby, and little bits about Lee and residency, but that I haven't updated about myself or our new home in Florida for quite some time.

I'll start with Florida.
I just KNEW I was made for life in Florida.
Thankfully (very thankfully) I was right!!
We are loving life in Florida!
October in Florida is just the best.  The weather has been incredible.  Absolutely perfect.
Highs in the 80s and lows of around 70-65.

Now that the extreme heat of the summer has passed Leo and I are enjoying quite a bit of time outside.
We go to the beach, to the park, and we even become members of the Naples Zoo!! I can see us spending lots of mornings roaming around the zoo watching them feed the animals.
And like I think I've mentioned before there are tons of stores within walking distance of our house so we walk down to either the thrift store, Target, Dollar Tree, or Big Lots at least once a week.

We've become super involved at our church, which has been so nice.  We actually transferred our memberships to this church on Sunday. (Lee and I were both still members of our home churches in OH and Canada)  Basically being a member of the church means we can vote in elections or when there is something else to be voted on.
Lee and I are teaching the teen Sunday school class on Sunday mornings and are small group leaders for the teens on Wednesday nights.

Because I've got a little more spare time on my hands I've actually taken on a few other projects - the big one being the Fall Block Party coming up on November 2nd!
I offered our friend, the youth pastor, to help where ever I was needed, and after 1 planning meeting I walked away in charge somehow?!
But it's been great, I've got up in front of the church and made announcements about it and have gotten to know a lot of people as a result when they come and talk to me after wards.  Having a sign up sheet has been helpful in learning names!

We're going to have a Chili cook-off, cotton candy, snow cones, carnival games, bounce houses, other outdoor games (corn hole, bochee ball, frisbee, giant twister and giant jenga), a photo booth, petting zoo, a lego building contest and the lego movie playing for kids (it's a block party... get it....) and a giant projector with an NFL game playing.  I'm pretty excited about it!

Twice a month I go to a MOPS group at the Presbyterian church in town.  MOPS is an international organization, so you've probably heard of it, but it's basically moms getting together to hang out and socialize.  There is a devotional, food, a presentation of some sort, and sometimes a craft!  And child care!  It's the only time I've actually left Leo anywhere other than with Lee's parents for a couple hours for our anniversary.  They have a paid staff and he's just down the hall so it's fine, but still, leaving your baby with someone else is hard!  Tomorrow is another meeting and we're having a baby clothing swap and I'm so excited! haha!  Leo needs clothes!  Especially since he's now in 18mo....... aaaaaanyway.

Another thing I've been keeping busy with is Operation Grenada Child.  A few of my friends from Grenada started this projected 2 years ago to send Christmas gifts to the children at the Limes After-school Program (if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll remember me blogging about it pretty much every week while we were in Grenada)
I should have posted about it before, but within two weeks we have already received all the donations we need!  It was a huge success and people have been so generous!!
This year, since I'm living in Florida, I'm the one receiving all the donation and I'm going to drive them down to Miami to ship to Grenada.  I've already received about 7 boxes and I have a feeling our spare room is going to be full in no time.  I only wish I could put Leo and I in a box and go too!

Another biggie on my radar... my 10 year high school class reunion.  Since I was class president I'm in charge of planning it!  It's sneaking up on me so soon!! I'd like to do it in the summer around Memorial Day because I want to go home for that anyway and it'd be great to get it all in one shot (great for the bank account too) but I have been dragging my feet on actually setting anything in stone.  There is A LOT of work involved in planning a big event and the furthest I've got so far is discussing dates with the other class council members and looking at ideas on pinterest.  This is going to be like planning another wedding!  I'm both excited and terrified!

Other than that I've been keeping myself busy working on some art projects and exploring our new community.  We really chose an awesome place to live.  There is a great mix of people here - all nationalities, all ages.  There are TONS of shopping places (too many) and restaurants.  There are so many parks.  Leo and I could go to a different park every week pretty much.
And we're extremely happy with the hospital Lee's working at and the residency program!
I'll update more about that in a later post.
For now I have a baby chewing my power cord and hitting the delete button...

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Amber said...

Oh my goodness Kelsey you are so busy! You need to update on yourself more often because all of that sounds amazing! That is so exciting about planning your 10 year reunion! You're right, it probably IS like planning another wedding lol. But now you get to use Pinterest! (Well I don't know, was pinterest around when you got married? I don't think it was for us in March or I just didn't know about it booo.)

And I legit laughed at the end about the power cord and delete button. Oh sweet Leo, let your mommy blog! :)


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