Thursday, October 23, 2014

500th Post!

I can't believe I have sat down and wrote out a blog entry FIVE HUNDRED TIMES.
isn't that a crazy thought?!
I don't really have a point to this post really, I just felt I should commemorate this milestone!

5 years ago when I started this blog I was newly married and about to start a big, scary, adventure by moving to Grenada for Lee to go to medical school.
Now here we are in Florida, Lee is a doctor, I have a master's degree, and we have our sweet baby Leo.
Never could I have dreamed life this way.

This blog has seen me through 2 years in Grenada, 3 months in Canada, 6 months in Ohio, 2 years in Michigan, and thus far 5 months in Florida.

I wrote about all of my experiences in Grenada - life in a 3rd world country, the exploring, the kids who made my heart grow 10x it's size, the new friends I made, the way it all flipped my world upside down.
I blogged about how devastating it was to leave and start a new life back in the states.  I blogged about that long, uncomfortable readjustment period.

I've attempted to explain the crazy medical school/becoming a doctor process in as much detail as possible without terrifying future generations of  doctors.
I've bragged on my husband for being an incredible husband, father, student, and doctor, but I could never adequately put into words how I feel about that man or how proud I am.

I documented every step of the way through my pregnancy with Leo - albeit a bit boring as I had the easiest pregnancy in the history of motherhood and I openly shared disgusting details about my labor, Leo's birth, and postpartum recovery.

Now I am sharing Leo's life - his growth and achievements, his adorable smiles and giggles, and the sweet and the chaotic.

In 500 posts I've transformed from a newlywed without a clue about being a wife, to a mother without a clue about being a parent.  But I am every bit as excited about the future and thankful for the blessings and opportunities I have been given.
Here's to 500 more!

Where will we be for my 1000th post?!

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Sara Whitsitt said...

Congrats on 500 posts Kelsey! That's so awesome :)


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