Friday, December 20, 2013

28 and 29 weeks

The week leading up to 28wks was not a good week. 
Probably the worst week ever. 
And not just for me, but for a lot of people around me that I love.  It's terrible to see your loved one's hurting.

My Grandma Rosie passed away last Sunday. 
An event in my life that requires a separate post to comprehend what that means and how that changes our family and what an amazing lady she was. 
It wasn't an entirely sad affair though, the funeral was a celebration of her life and message about God's love and the gift of salvation - exactly what she would have wanted.
The day before she died when the preacher was praying with her she didn't request any prayer for herself, for healing or to be free of pain... she prayed for her unsaved family. 

I'm going to miss her so much, I don't think it's quite sunk in yet.  It's like she's just at her house, 6 hours away and I'm going to see her when I go home for Christmas.  

Then, I also found out last week that one of my best friends was diagnosed with lymphoma.  My sweet, vibrant, funny friend has to face cancer.  I also don't think that has sunk in for me yet either. I can't imagine what she and her family are feeling.  
She is still undergoing testing to find out more details and the treatment plan.  Please remember her in your prayers. 
Unfortunately last weekend when I was home she was in isolation at the hospital with chicken pox :( and pregnant ladies can be around people with the chicken pox. 

And of much, much lesser importance I finished up my classes for the semester last week!  It was possibly the hardest paper I've ever written because I had to finish it quickly to go home for the funeral and I was in no mood to concentrate on writing a paper about some fictional couple's marital issues.  However, I finished it and even though I haven't got my grade back yet I'm assuming it was good enough to get an A in the class.  I needed to get like 90/150 to get a 90%, so let's hope it was at least worth a 60%.  And my other class I was able to finish up my work ahead of schedule, thank God I actually did, and finished with a 95%!  
No school until January 13th.  
But I still haven't had a chance to breathe... after the weekend at home I had to rush into finishing Christmas shopping (and working) and we headed up to Canada last night to have Christmas with Lee's family. 

Hopefully this next week is a lot more chill.  Lee and I are staying home for Christmas and the weekend following.  I'm looking forward to actually enjoying our home, Christmas tree, baking some cookies, and watching some Christmas movies because somehow this season has totally escaped me and I haven't watched any! 

So, how is pregnancy? 
Well I am bigger.  I feel him move, a lot, and he is quite aggressive.  I think he's quite low.  Every once in a while I get a kick to the pelvic bone that takes my breath away.  I wake up some mornings with a lot of pelvic pain, but once I'm up for a few minutes and stretch a little it goes away.  It feels like my pelvis is splitting in two, but thankfully it doesn't last long.  Sleeping has been fine, I might be a bit more tired, so I could use some more of it. Going to work at 6:30am in 10degrees is not something I am going to miss.  I may be up at 6:30am a lot with this little one, but I'll be snug in my house. 

Last week was my baby shower at home!  There was a bit of a damper on the day due to the funeral the day before... but it was still a great party that my mom, sister, and friends threw for me.  And let's just say that this baby is going to be one well dressed little man.  He easily has more clothes than me now.  It's possible and true.  We've been spreading the word around that he literally doesn't need another article of clothing unless you buy 9months+.... once he's that big he doesn't have much. haha. 
It's also hard to buy things in bigger sizes because we have no clue where we'll be living. Fall/winter in MI and fall/winter in Florida are very, very different. 
I'll do a post about the shower soon too, with all the picture details.  It was adorable. 

Also I'll catch up with the pictures.
I took one last week at 28 weeks and Lee and I will take one later today, but I haven't uploaded them yet.
I think around 28 weeks I definitely "popped"
Its looking more like a round bump for sure :)

How far along: 29 weeks
Total weight gain:  22lbs
Maternity clothes: I wore my first maternity skirt and a pair of dress pants this week.  The skirt was almost too small, apparently my butt has grown too and the pants kept falling down. SO. annoying.  Every time I'd stand up the stretchy waist band would be showing. Other than that have been wearing a lot of dresses.  I have 2 pair of regular jeans that still fit, one is my most comfortable pair so that's good.  They sit really low, otherwise they wouldn't be fitting. lol.
Stretch marks: no
Sleep: fine
Best moment of this week: Being with family.
Miss anything:  Nope
Movement: Yep, lots of movement.
Food cravings: nope
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: yep
Gender:  B-0-Y!
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: in
Wedding rings on or off: On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: cuddling on the couch with Lee by our Christmas tree.

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Amber said...

Kelsey Cooper Coghill, I wish I could hug you right now. :( I'm so sorry you're going through such a hard time. Love you so much and I am always here for you! <3 <3 <3


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