Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I have a lovely new pregnancy symptom that's been plaguing me the past week or so - migraine headaches.
I have never had a migraine before being pregnant (and never before last week) and have very rarely experienced headaches at all.

Last week I was woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache, throbbing, intense pain.  I was awake for several hours and then had dull headache the rest of the day.
A couple days later another headache.
Monday - a dull headache off and on followed by a 20 minute episode of bright flashing lights, unable to see, unable to concentrate - nothing made it better.
Tuesday - another bright light, blurred vision episode, dull headache throughout the day
Today - even longer series flashing lights, completely obstructed vision, headache and nausea.

So, it appears to be getting worse, not better.  I decide it would be best to call my Dr and see what I should do since this is a new thing and pretty unusual.  Well, you have to speak to a nurse before coming into the Dr.... problem is I was at work and the nurse returned my call at the exact minute that I am dealing with a new patient and cannot answer my phone.
I call her back, but she called on protected line so I have to go through the whole process of leaving her a message again.  Call my Dr.'s office but they can't let me talk to anyone without going through this nurse's line - if it's an emergency go to the ER.
 Lee comes home & takes my blood pressure, it's pretty low (but high is more what they're worried about with those symptoms) and he monitors me over my lunch break.
Wait 2 more hours, finally get to talk to the nurse and she basically acted like I was crazy for not having already come into the hospital.  She said it was "very serious" and "I didn't want to take chances when it came to my baby or my health" - no duh.  So she calls the OB triage and tells them that I am coming in.  Lee picks me up from work and takes me in and they (different nurses & a nurse practitioner, not my doctor) see me and act like I am crazy for coming in, like I'm over-reacting.
My blood pressure was fine, nothing else obvious.  So they tell me to take some Tylenol and rest.

I have a regular appointment with my OB on Monday and they said if it doesn't get any better then he may recommend a neuro consult... but other than that basically just suck it up.

My mom has these types of "spells" we call them.  All my life she could just be in the store or driving and say "oh no the flashing lights are coming!" and then would be out of commission for a while.   I should have known to expect this - I am basically her clone.
I should be expecting a hip replacement in my 40s and getting diagnosed with Addison's Disease also I guess.  But she has some good parts too - easy pregnancies and healthy babies... and beautiful smart children, right? :) 

Oh and my credit card number was stolen.  So I have no credit card for the next 7-10 days. So annoying.  I use that card for EVERYTHING, so I have to call all the places I have auto-withdraw and change my account number when I get the new card and all that.  ANNOYING.
The charges were like $250 in dog food from some pet direct company and $300 tickets to US sports?!

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