Tuesday, November 19, 2013

24 weeks 4 days

We were out of town on Friday this week so I missed my update and picture.
I considered waiting until 25 weeks, but we had a Dr. appointment yesterday and I have new pictures of our baby boy that I couldn't wait to share!!

The majority of this past week was pretty terrible.
Not only have I acquired strange flashing light spells, but I also developed a cold almost instantly Thursday night.  It seriously came on in about 2 hours and I was completely congested for 2 days.  The only thing that helped was saline nasal spray and lotioned kleenex.  When you have a cold, super soft tissues are like the ultimate luxury.

Because of my strange spells/migraines my OB referred me to an ophthalmologist to have a look in my eyes and see if there was anything going on with the vessels or my retina and thankfully I was given a clean bill of eye health this morning!! (after waiting 1.5 hours to see the doctor, boo.  I am SO glad I am normally healthy because waiting for doctors is no fun - note to all my future doctor friends!)

I also happened to get sick while we were out of town visiting the University of Louisville's residency program and my sister.  And then I had a paper to write that was due Sunday night at midnight, after driving back to MI 6 hours in a torrential downpour and storm.  What time did I submit it? 11:53PM... and had to be up for work at 5:30AM.

Normally I would have been super sleepy all day but we had an doctor's appointment and ultrasound so I was anxious for my lunch break to come!
Not only did we get to see our little one wiggling around on the screen, but the surprised us with one of the 3D, 4D whatever it's called views and we got to see his sweet little face!! It was awesome!  They had scheduled this ultrasound to get a better look at his little belly and make sure everything was fine because there were some things they didn't get to see last time and thankfully everything turned out fine and he appears to be in perfect health!

He is weighing in at a whopping 1lb 11oz!!  The average weight for 24 weeks is 1lb 4 oz, so we're still thinking that the due date may be a little sooner than March 7th!  However, when the doctor measured my fundal height it was only 23cm... and it typically matches up with how many weeks pregnant you are.  My doctor said since I'm tall it might skew that average a little.  
So for now we've got a baby measuring about 25 weeks and a momma measuing 23 - so I guess that averages to a 24 ;)
I am however catching right up to the weight gain. My app has stopped yelling at me as I've topped the scales with an extra 14 pounds this week!  I'm right where I should be for gaining the 25-35lbs.  I've realized that my mom was right, someday I would appreciate being so tall.  When I was younger she'd tell me how lucky I was because I'd be able to gain a lot of weight and not show it and so far that is definitely the case. I'm a good 20lbs more than I weighed in high school right now and yet my clothes still fit (totally have clothes from high school still....)  I am noticing some of my dress pants are getting harder to button and a couple pairs of my jeans are getting quite snug, but so far no maternity clothes.

I haven't taken a picture this week, our house is a disaster from traveling and I've been busy running from work to Drs appointments since we got back.  We'll aim for a picture on Friday when I'm 25 weeks.  But I'll say that there is a little round bump forming :)

Ok, so want to see my precious little boy?!

How far along: 24 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain:  14 lbs.
Maternity clothes: no 
Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: Pretty good, except for when I was congested this weekend 
Best moment of this week:  Spending time with my family! (I'll save seeing baby boy until my Friday update ;)
Miss anything:  Not really 
Movement: Yep, lots of movement.  
Food cravings: no, but I just like food a lot. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: Yes 
Gender:  B-0-Y!
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: in, but it is getting wider. 
Wedding rings on or off: On 
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy 
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving! 

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Sweet, sweet baby boy!!


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