Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stop it Kelsey.

ok so yesterday I was in a grumpy mood.  I warned you.
I don't even know why.  Tuesday is my late work morning so I slept in until 8am, compared to my usual 5:30-6am.  I should have been happy, right?!

Well see I wake up every morning feeling less and less pregnant.  I know it sounds dumb, but it's been really frustrating for me.  Actually kind of sad.  Pregnancy messes with your head.
Most evenings after dinner the past couple weeks I have been feel more of a bump... and I get excited and go to bed holding my belly and feeling for the baby to move, which has only happened a couple times. Then morning comes, and the first thing I do is touch my stomach (no wonder people love to touch pregnant women's bellies... I should cut them some slack, it is amazing) and then get disappointed when I feel nothing. I go to the bathroom and spend too long looking the mirror trying to stick my stomach out and asking this baby where they are!
I know it's crazy.  While I'm doing it if I catch a glimpse of myself I think, stop it!  This baby IS growing and will show themselves soon enough.
But when it's been days and days without any growth or movement I get nervous and start thinking the worst.  I think that's natural.  Lee said the most common complaint they got in OB for women in the 20-on weeks span was that they hadn't felt the baby move.

And then last night, after a frustrating day, I was lying in bed almost completely asleep and felt the baby move SO much!  Like a distinct kick or roll or something.  It was undeniably the baby moving and it happened several times in a row.  And it was such a relief to my soul.
I am so thankful for this tiny little baby and cannot wait to see them at the ultrasound on Friday, but I really needed that reassurance last night and was so glad for it.

And so I've decided that I'm going to try my hardest to give people a break.  I'm sure I'll fail numerous times in my hormonal state... but if you touch my belly I'll try not to bite your head off.  I may take Sara's advice and touch you right back though! (Isn't that the best advice you've ever heard! haha!)

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Amber said...

I found a maternity shirt that said "if you didn't put it there, don't touch" right over where a baby bump would be. I think someone women look more friendly than others, because no strangers/people I barely know have ever tried touching me, which is incredibly fortunate for them and the fact they probably want to keep their hands. I'm in the same boat as you, hands off!


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