Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stop it!!

Be prepared for a grumpy post btw.

It happened.
A woman I barely know, don't even know her name, touched(actually rubbed) my belly.
Lee saw it happen from across the church while he was on stage getting his guitar... I hid it well but my insides were screaming.  I don't have a bump yet, I could slightly understand if my belly is sticking out a mile from my body.  If you didn't know I was pregnant you wouldn't be able to tell yet, especially in what I was wearing on Sunday.  Do you often go around rubbing women's bellies?
Stop it!

Then a man said I was looking pudgy.
I haven't changed a single inch (I've measured)
I've gained 5 lbs... spread out over 70 inches of height.
He was trying to be funny.  I didn't laugh.
Did he think I looked pudgy last month before he knew I was pregnant?
Why is ok to tell me I look pudgy now?!
Stop it!

And then I have the other side of the spectrum
"are you SURE there is a baby in there?"
"you're HOW many weeks?!"
"are you eating enough"
Stop it!

I can't win, but I know one thing for sure people are complete and utter idiots when it comes to pregnant women.  How about next time just say Hi, how are you? Do you know the gender? When is your due date? simple questions. NOTHING even remotely associated with one's weight and no touching.

And for the love, if we're not actually friends,  do NOT ask me if it was planned.  That is such a creepy, personal question.  Sure everyone wonders.  I wondered when you announced that you were pregnant too, but how about we all just stick to "Congratulations!!" no matter the circumstances.


Marisa said...

Kelsey! This is terrible! Who tells someone they look pudgy, ever, even if they are pudgy, which you most definitely aren't!?! I would have told him he was rude!

Amber said...

People are morons when it comes to pregnant women I've learned. I feel your pain. I can't believe non-friends are asking you if it was planned by the way. To me that is the rudest! It's none of their business. And you look perfect and exactly how God wants you to look right now. If they try to pepper you with all these questions just remind them of that. Not everyone shows the same way or at the same time. They should know that by now. AND THEY SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHING YOU! lol Especially without asking. :(

Sara Whitsitt said...

Oh man, that really sucks! People touching my belly (especially without asking) is one of my biggest pet peeves. I always wonder why it is suddenly okay to touch a person's stomach now that there is a baby in there?

And I really wish I could tell you the rude comments stop after the baby is born, but unfortunately people think it is their business how you are raising your baby. Suddenly your boobs are a perfect topic of conversation to everyone!

Anyway, the best way I've learned to deal with the touching (especially if it's a stranger), is to touch their belly as soon as they touch yours, you'll be amazed at how quickly they jump back! Good luck :)


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