Friday, October 18, 2013

20 weeks!!

I am honestly finding it completely unfathomable that I am halfway finished with this pregnancy!
And potentially more than halfway!!
As suspected Baby Coghill is BIG! :) and measuring a little further along than 20 weeks, but we're sticking with the original due date or thereabouts in the first week of March!
According to at 20 weeks babies are an average of 10.6 oz, but Baby Coghill is already 13oz and has great big honkin feet like Daddy.

So...... what is Baby Coghill you ask?
I read a super funny cartoon yesterday that said "so what are you having" and the woman replied "a human"
hahaha! yes it is human (although as I feel them moving around inside it feels pretty alien)

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's how we announced it on faceboook :)

I actually made the video as a surprise for Lee.
Of course he already knew the gender, he was able to be with me briefly for the ultrasound, but I wanted to surprise him with how I was going to announce it!

I knew I wanted to use the letter blocks.  I bought them special off of Amazon a couple weeks ago in anticipation that it would be a boy (and for him to have to play with, it's such a classic toy).  But didn't think of the stop motion aspect until this morning at about 6am when I was half awake lying in bed.  I have no reason why, it just came to me.
After we found out the gender this morning I headed to the thrift store to find some toys to use and it was so hard to find some decent little figurines.  Barbie and My Little Pony were it, but I think they worked out great, and my niece Sofi will probably be inheriting some new friends.  And now our little boy has a new firetruck and dinosaur too :)

About the appointment - it was this morning and I got called in before Lee got there.  Have I ever mentioned that my doctor is in the hospital Lee works in?  So when I have an appointment he tries to run up to the office in between patients.  I asked the ultrasound tech to please not show me any genitalia or tell me the sex of the baby until he got there, and once she had me look away from the screen so I was fairly confident that it was a boy, otherwise, would it have been that noticeable?  So Lee got there and she had just enough time to show us the gender - "That's a leg, and there's a leg, and... that's not a leg! It's a penis!"  hahaha it was so awesome!  We didn't feel quite as emotional about it this time though because the same tech had told us at 12 weeks she thought it was a boy, so we've had boy in the back of our minds since and have had time to let it sink in.
Anyway, right after she told us Lee got paged to go attend to a patient and had to leave :( But it was ok because this little boy was very uncooperative today.  He had his little bum high in the hair to show us he was a boy, but his face was tucked way down below.
He did however stick up his index finger and point it up like "hey I'm #1!" :)

Everything is continuing to progress as normal.  The tech commented on how small I was, but said it was probably just due to me being so tall and that the baby was actually normal sized, if not bigger than normal. So that was a relief because I had been nervous of that.  Guess I just have lots of room in there for him to stretch out!  And my doctor continues to be like the most relaxed laid back man ever.  No wonder Lee suggested him.  I think I'd prefer someone a little more... intense, like me. haha.  But whatever, if it's all good, it's all good, right?

Here's this week's picture - not exactly a bump but there's some definite widening happening...

How far along: 20 weeks (+ possible 2-5 days)
Total weight gain: 6lbs at the Dr. this morning - and apparently the baby is almost a whole pound of that?!
Maternity clothes: nope 
Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: good but, I do think I've been feeling a little more tired in the mornings.
Best moment of this week: confirming that it is a BOY
Miss anything:  not yet. 
Movement: YES! so much movement recently, but only at night, like after 9PM
Food cravings: nope
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: today I think yes, but I also think I'm sticking my stomach out more because I am READY for everyone to know! 
Gender:  B-0-Y!
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: in 
Wedding rings on or off: On 
Happy or moody most of the time: today- HAPPY!!!! 
Looking forward to: Naming this precious little one and fixing up his room!!! 


Amanda said...

A boy! That's wonderful!!

Tammy said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!!


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