Monday, October 28, 2013

growth spurt?

I have been hungry this entire day.
I feel like I gained 5lbs since I woke up this morning...
Maybe Baby Coghill and I are having a growth spurt? haha

Today I've had:
Breakfast - cereal and banana
Snacks at work - slice of pumpkin bread & wheat thins
Lunch - homemade veggie chili and a grilled cheese sandwich
More snacks at work - 2 Reese cups and more wheat thins
Dinner - fried rice and sesame chicken from Panda Express and a cherry limeade from Sonic (hey Lee's in Florida without me right now.............. the least I can do is treat myself to some Chinese food on the couch, yes?)

I know I'm supposed to eat "frequent small meals" but that's hard when you work, so by 7pm I am starving!
Anyway, anyone else ever experience a growth spurt during pregnancy? or am I just hungry that's all? haha
We'll see on Friday how much growth there is!  I feel like there is definitely going to be a change this week.... my belly button is changing that's for sure.  When I lay down I can see it spreading and flattening. haha. I'm about 99.9% sure it'll pop out.

What about you - did your belly button pop out?  Did you hit a point where you ate everything in sight? :/


-STEPHANIE said...

My belly button just got suppppper flat. Like it was strange. It never popped out. :) And if you think you are hungry now, just wait until you are breast feeding :)

Sara Whitsitt said...

I was like Steph, my belly button just flattened out but it took a long time because I have a super deep belly button. I think I was about 35 weeks when my belly button completely flatten, and I was about 45inches around by then! Every body is different.

As for the hungry thing, I definitely think that when babies go through growth spurts you are more hungry. But I am just hungry all the time and that's a pregnant thing!

I didn't necessarily get hungrier when I was breast feeding, but definitely thirstier!


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