Friday, November 1, 2013

22 weeks

Week 22!  This week has been insanely slow.  I feel like I should be like 25 weeks by now, that much time seems like it's passed since 20 weeks when we found out the baby was a boy.

In my life not a whole lot happened, other than the increased appetite of course.
I did actually gain more weight.  I've now gained 8lbs by my calculations.
Sometimes I feel like my belly is huge and others not so much... but it's been so gradual that it's hard to remember what I looked/felt like before.  My clothes are still fitting fine, and I actually even bought several non-maternity things this week. haha!  JC Penny was having a huge sale - like $1.47 for tops and shorts and $3.97 for dresses. None of which was maternity, but I'm hoping if it fit fine at 21ish weeks then it'll fit next summer........ yea?  It will, haha, I'll make sure it does because there's no way I'm buying a new wardrobe.
Several of the things can be worn now too!  The dresses are stretchy and the tops are cotton/stretch so I can wear them now with a sweater.

Oh question - did your feet change sizes when you had a baby? I'm terrified of that happening!

Other than that I'm just keeping at it with work and school.  I usually find inspiration to blog when I should be finishing a homework assignment :)
So far this baby hasn't abducted too many of my brain cells.  I hear people talk about pregnancy brain a lot, but I haven't noticed much of a difference yet.  I mean I make plenty of mistakes and forget lots of stuff, but I've been doing that for the past 26 years so.......

This week I didn't do much more in the nursery.  I did buy baby Coghill their first pair of sandals though! .97cents at Old Navy and the most precious things I've ever seen.  I bought the 6/9 month size because I'm pretty certain this baby's feet are already huge.  Lee wears a 14.  Yikes.
Which reminds me I didn't share the pictures of his little feet yet!
He was very uncooperative in getting any pictures of his face or even head really.  I have a few but I'm just like.... what am I looking at? I feel like a bad mom, but really, it's just blurry. 
I do have a really clear, obvious picture of his boy parts but I decided not to blog those. haha.  Give this baby a little privacy. 

In other news, Lee got home last night after doing a couple interviews in Florida and they went really well.... and unfortunately it's only November and match day isn't until March.... so not only am I driving myself insane thinking/worrying/ about our baby, but I am also day dreaming about what my life would be like in Florida.  Add in a full time job and 2 classes this term and I'm like........ barely present in the real world.

This picture reminds me to straighten my hair more often and wear more make up. check.
but you can definitely start to see a bump! 

How far along: 22 weeks
Total weight gain:  I'll say 8 pounds 
Maternity clothes: no
Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: Probably totally un-related to baby and more related to Lee being gone for 3 nights I didn't sleep that well. 
Best moment of this week: is it terrible if I say buying baby sandals? 
Miss anything:  no, not really 
Movement: Yep, lots of movement.  
Food cravings: no, but I just like food a lot. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: no, but I still feel weird when the baby moves.  I feel like a bad mother but it's so strange! 
Have you started to show yet: depends on the time of day.  After 8pm yes. I should take a picture at 8AM and 8PM and compare. ok. will do. 
Gender:  B-0-Y!
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: in, but it is getting wider. 
Wedding rings on or off: On 
Happy or moody most of the time:  I feel happy, but realize that I am moody sometimes. Does that make sense? 
Looking forward to: registering!  I'm going to do that soon I think. 

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Amber said...

You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know where you want to register? You're going to have so much fun! All the adorable baby things. :)


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