Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Yesterday, July 1st we found out that we are expecting!!!
This all happened SO fast!

Lee was going to be finishing medical school in March 2014.  I had made the observation that it would be awesome to have 3 entire months with him apart from medical school/residency to have a baby and be able to bond and help me out and be a family.
Lee initially was excited about the idea and has been really looking forward to having a baby so it sounded awesome.
A few days later we find out that he'll actually be finishing his rotations in February 2014! and Lee would be able to get a job and still be home way more than he ever has/will be as a Dr. and I could stay at home with the baby.
I said we HAVE to try!!!
This was around June 16th.
We decided that we'd try for a baby in June and July and if nothing happened then we'd wait another year and use those few months to just be together and maybe go on a trip or something.

Well.... I was convinced about a week later that I was pregnant and then no sign of my period so I bought a pregnancy test at Kroger one night while grocery shopping, just in case.

On July 1st, during my lunch break from work, we took the test and stood in the bathroom holding each other with our hearts pounding.  We decided to wait the whole two minutes before looking and then......................... there was a plus sign. it was faint but it was positive. 
I started jumping up and down and Lee was........ blown away.
Who knew that it would happen so  fast?!

We decided to take another test in a couple days to be sure... but by the time I got home from work that night Lee had already made me a list of all the OBGYNs at the hospital with his recommendation for the best ones and used his OB wheel to give me the exact due date and when I'd be entering the next trimesters.
I signed up for the bump.com and began (er continued) pinning things on pinterest and reading millions of baby names.

Today, Tuesday July 2nd I went to CVS and bought another pregnancy test and the girl at the checkout said "good luck! I hope you get the result you want!" 
I laughed and said "we're hoping for a yes!"
and as I walked to the car I thought "oh my gosh..................... what are we doing?!!?!"

The second test went much quicker than the first and instead of a plus sign it either had 1 line or 2 and there were DEFINITELY two lines this time.
We spent some time just being completely happy and shocked and in love. 
Lee always says "I love you baby" and today he said "I love you babies"
hahaha I almost melted.

Not much of our lives has changed thus far, I'm trying to eat even healthier than before and I was pretty good before.  We had salad and juice (spinach, cucumber, cantaloup, berries, and banana) for dinner and I made enough for breakfast tomorrow.
We're going to keep with our running schedule until it gets uncomfortable for me or I am too tired.   Lee and I have been going running together about every other day. 
It not only is getting us in great shape, but we have a full 30-40 minutes of quality time to talk.  And I talk a lot.
I still feel the same running, but I've decided to not let myself get too hot and sweaty and no more sprinting, just in case.
I'm going to continue my pushup regime and probably crunches too... at least for a while.  Lee says strong muscles are less likely to tear. Here's to hoping. 

I started taking a prenatal vitamin the day we started trying, unfortunately not sooner, but for the month of June our window of opportunity was very small and somehow the day we decided to try for a baby appears to be the day we conceived!

And I've bought a few books...
What to Expect When You're Expecting and Bonding Before Birth
and maybe some maternity shirts at the thrift store....  and have the entire nursery planned out.

We've decided to wait until after Lee's sister Michelle's wedding in September to tell everyone.  I will be 14 weeks then and hopefully in the clear and everything will be great!  I don't know how I'm going to be able to keep it a secret for that long though!!!
So if you're reading this, hopefully it is after September 7th!
How far along: 4 weeks, 4 days
Total weight gain: 0 (none until 2nd trimester I'm hoping)  
Maternity clothes: All I want to do is shop for maternity clothes... trying to resist!  
Stretch marks: applying coconut oil religiously
Sleep: great, so tired!  
Best moment of this week: taking the pregnancy test (and the second one to be sure!) and getting a positive!!  We are so happy and so nervous and so unprepared for what is to come. 
Miss anything: coffee.  I'm trying to cut out caffeine completely.  I don't need it anyway, right? 
Movement: lol does my stomach growling count?  
Food cravings: Root beer!  probably totally unrelated to the baby since I am so early, but I want root beer so bad.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not yet... waiting on it...  
Have you started to show yet: no, but I do feel a little bloated.  I read that my nose is going to get bigger?! what!  
Gender: unknown... although I have lots of plans for baby boy Coghill 
Labor signs: - 
Belly button in or out: - I keep reminding Lee to appreciate my belly button and stomach now while it's so flat....  
Wedding rings on or off: On 
Happy or moody most of the time: So happy!!! I may have been a bit moody last week... and I have cried twice over things that shouldn't really make my that upset...  
Looking forward to: progressing and telling people!!! EVERYONE!

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