Friday, July 5, 2013

5 weeks

Today I am already 5 weeks and we've only know about this little one for 5 days, haha, but it seems like such a long time.
I have wanted a baby of my own for years but knew that we weren't ready before, financially or mentally.
I have loved having Lee all to myself for the past 4 years.  We have entirely too much fun together.  I always tell him that we get along better alone than around other people because we can't actually be ourselves. haha. Most of our fun is completely absurd and I wouldn't dare tell another person about his antics.  I keep reminding him, you won't be able to do these things in front of a kid! haha! 
Today Lee said "I can't believe you still think I'm funny! Am I the funniest person you know?!" haha and yes.... yes he is.  I hope we never grow up though.  I hope we keep dancing in the kitchen, chasing each other around the coffee table, and bringing each other home surprises.  I hope we still watch That 70s Show and compare people we see in real life to the characters.  I hope we still go running together just to have an excuse to spend more time together and talk things through.  I hope we still fight over the last of the chocolate almond milk. 
:)  I love that boy so much. I can't yet imagine what it's going to feel like to have more boys to love, (this baby is a boy, I already can sense it at 5wks :)  but I am starting to get a sense of what it feels like to be a mother and question every decision you make and how it will affect your child.  I already love this little being and it's only the size of an apple seed!

Lee and I are getting more and more excited everyday.
Yesterday I was in the kitchen painting and Lee burst in and said "WE'RE GOING TO NEED A PEDIATRICIAN?!  I knew that you were pregnant and we needed an OB and that there would be a baby, but I forgot about a pediatrician!  There's going to be a real kid at the end of this!"
hahaha and then we both freaked out and ran around the house like fools and jumped up and down.

I think pregnancy is making me happier about all aspects of my life.  I think I like these hormones.  I feel more in love and more positive and more outgoing. 

So far I have felt great except for a little extra tiredness and around 6:30 each night I've been getting some cramps and pains.
I have kept up with the running routine but last night I had to stop after only about 5 minutes because of sharp pains, but we think that's because we went right around 6:30 so we're going to try again tomorrow morning early because I've been feeling great in the mornings.  I've also been doing my pushups, crunches, and Brazilian butt lifts :)  Here's to hoping I can bounce back from this thing quickly, right.

I wasn't able to get an OB appointment until August 2nd because we're going to be out of town and it needs to be on a Friday because of work, so I'll be 9 weeks at that appointment! And then I think we're going to tell the parents.  Maybe. I don't know.  I'm so nervous!
Lee wants to wait until after his sister's wedding September 7th before we tell everyone, so I'll be 14 weeks at the wedding!  Hopefully there won't be able evidence of it.   We just don't want to take away from Michelle's day by having a lot of the guests commenting on us and stuff.  Remember on the office when Andy proposed at the wedding? haha
I'm sure Michelle could care less, she'll be becoming an Aunt!  but Lee wants to wait, so wait we will.

I have yet to take a picture! ugh! 
Tomorrow I'm going to a wedding so maybe I can get a good picture then for 5 weeks and then go from there.  I need a picture where I'm looking skinny! haha! 

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Amber said...

I'm convinced baby Coghill is a boy too. <3 Best blogs. I'm so excited.


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