Wednesday, June 26, 2013

7 months of medical school remaining?!

Lee came home this week with the absolute best news!!
He will be able to finish all his rotations in February 2014!!
That means March, April, May, and June OFF!

Residency starts July 1st 2014 (probably with some orientation in June, but whatev)

Am I getting ahead of myself here acting as though we already got a residency?
If only there were still the option of pre-matching, we could have avoided the stress of waiting... but praise the Lord we hopefully won't be staying the great state of Michigan any longer than June of 2014 (but it is our back up. booooooo)

So what to do with all that free time?!
Lee's getting a J-O-B!

Well maybe. Hopefully.
That's the plan.
He does have a green card so the boy can work in the good old USofA now.

I said "um I'd leave off the fact that you're an MD on your application"

Our options as you know in Detroit area are quite limited and he'll only be able to work about 3 months so we're thinking some type of big chain store.  Lowes, Meijer, Target... something like that.
Lee will actually love it.  He loves to work. and this fall is sure to be our poorest state yet.  All that traveling for interviews and the applications and he needs a new suit. eeesssssshh. The school told us to estimate up to $10,000 for residency applications and interviews. what?! good thing we're cheap.

He is currently preparing to take his USMLE CK Step 2 July 16 and has the rest of the month off and starts his next rotation in August.  Then it's Aug-February and we're d.o.n.e.
Well aside from the horrors sure to come with residency interviews and that whole process.
and then the month of March completely devoted to prayer that he matches.
then April as a fun month to revel in the fact that he matched and house hunt.
then May to get more frantic about the house hunt and job search for me in a new area.
and June to pack up and actually move. gross.

this post was random and rushed, but that's life.
and the countdown is ON!

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Ashley said...

Kelsey - the $10k estimate is bunk. We didn't spend over $3k.


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