Monday, June 17, 2013


I haven't updated since April.
what's new. I'm the worst blogger.

Well there are actually some new things in our lives.

Lee got his green card.  We went to Canada for the weekend a while back and crossing the board was the easiest we've ever experienced. so that's awesome.

Lee passed Step 2 CS!  We went to Chicago for the weekend so he could take it.  It was an 8 hour exam of him doing physical exams on people acting as patients.
Meanwhile, I went to the 3rd largest mall in America.  It was.... overwhelming.  I just don't like malls much these days.  It's full swing yard sale season here in Michigan and I'm addicted.

Lee finished his 3rd year of medical school with straight As and a few A+s... did you know they gave those in medical school?? that Lee...

Lee started his 4th and final year of school! and it's not even a full year!! He'll finish next March... so we're down to like 9 months of school!!!! with the month of July off to study for Step 2 CK and the month of November off for residency interviews!

Lee and I started juicing!  We're so healthy. lol.
and Lee has me on a training regime to do a boy style pushups! and I did one within a week!  I seriously never thought that was possible! haha
We  try to juice for dinner a few nights a week.  We typically do cucumber, spinach, cabbage, carrot, and apple.  I suggest making it really cold and drinking through a straw ;)

For me....
I finished my first year of grad school with a 4.0! yea
I'm pretty proud of that.  It's hard man.  I have never, ever thought school was hard until this, so I guess that means it's fitting I guess.  Just a ton of writing papers. bleh.
I start my next class in one week! gross!

I celebrated my one year work-aversary at Clairpointe Family Chiropractic! 
Have I mentioned how thankful I am for this job? (I'm at work
In the city of Detroit and the metro area there are like.... 0 jobs. So finding this one was a huge huge huge blessing.  And the people I work with are nice and have become my actual friends and I don't dread getting up and coming here every morning. BONUS!

I've been doing a lot of art in my break from school. I've finished several little paintings and have developed an interested in sculpture.  I have 0 experience with it, but after researching some stuff about art therapy I read that for one's portfolio they must have sculpture and so I want to make one just in case you know?  I think it'd be awesome to work with kids and incorporate art in therapy...

and............ that's about it for now.

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