Thursday, March 7, 2013

"remind me when I'm in America...."

I wrote the following blog post on my other blog (Kelsey Inspired, that I sadly, but seriously, do not have time to maintain.  Instagram has replaced my blogging b/c I do find about 10 minutes a day to snap some pictures of things I'd normally blog about, but such is life) 

ANYWAY, I wrote this almost 2 years ago and thought it was funny to look back on all these "things" I was looking forward to being back in the US.
I can whole heartedly say I'd trade it all in the blink of an eye to be in Grenada.
My longing for that little island in the Caribbean hasn't faded one iota.

The words in orange are what I wrote while still living in Grenada... 

In December I will be moving back to the States (Ohio temporarily and then on to somewhere else) 

I want to remember all the things I wanted and wanted to do but couldn't because I was in Grenada.
I also want to remind myself how I longed for things in America.... and to not be sad about leaving Grenada... but I know I will be.

1. remember how gross it feels to be hot and sweaty 24/7 - I would LOVE to be hot and sweaty about now... 
2. remember how badly I wanted to wear boots, sweaters, and scarves. - yep, OVER it. I do love my boots and tights.... but I'd love to be in my shorts today... 
3. remember how I wanted to wear skinny jeans, but sweated too much for comfort. - ok. So I do love, love, love my skinny jeans and have about 8 pair now!? haha  
4. a black globe - my sweet Lee got me one for our anniversary!! My globe collection has GROWN this year for sure :)
5. GOODWILL SHOPPING SPREE - uh, this happens about weekly now days.... I should stop.  But you know what we don't have nearby where we live? an actual Goodwill.  I've become a Salvation Armier and Value World pro.
6. Target - haha, still love Target and now I have one just a couple miles from my house! yay! It's just as great as I thought it would be when I was in Grenada. 
7. high heels. every. single. day. - most days I do! I do NOT miss the crappy flip flops I wore daily in Grenada.  
8. remember how I missed my parents so much. - Thankfully I'm only a 6 hour car ride away now! MUCH better in this regard... and I get to see my nieces grow up. so awesome. 
9. get the book - In The Pink: Dorothy Draper - nope, but I'd still like it! hint hint 
10.  a white Christmas! - CHECK! we've had a white 3 months truthfully... 
11. Little Debbie's - hahaha can you believe I missed these so much to blog about it? I haven't bought them in probably 6 months.  The list of ingredients was too long for healthy Kelsey. 
12. hand painted shoes - haven't found the time for this yet.. it'd be more of a summer thing anyway, right? I still plan on trying it! 
13.  stores being open 24/7 - this is great, but living in Detroit I think I've only been on a 24/7 store once and that was at 6am when I was sick for medicine, I never go anywhere by myself at midnight like I thought I would, or I did in college.  I guess I'm old and am in bed at that time too! 
14. public library - I've lived here for almost a year and have yet to go to the library. I really want to go to the Detroit public library too, it's in a really cool old building! To get a card at the Grosse Pointe Library though I need a Michigan drivers licsence, and I'm avoiding that process, so to get a card as an out of state person it would cost $200?!!?!?! haha sooooooooo maybe I'll go one day and read their magazines. 
15. magazines not costing $10us - speaking of which, I do have my subscription to Glamour magazine that I started about 8 years ago and that's about the old magazine I buy myself, and then my friends Kristen, Michelle, and Kayla keep me well stocked with the magazines they've already read!  Thanks friends! 
16. Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich for .99cents - my fast food weakness, in Ohio they're .99 and in Michigan they're $1.29?! what the? lol

ps. My blogs have been getting MAJORLY spammed lately! I had to change my settings to add the word verification.  Yesterday I literally got over 300 comments, all spam. ugh. stop it!!   Please let me know if I ever "spam comment" on your blogs... I got one from a reader that I am hoping is spam and not something they actually were saying to me.................................................. 

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