Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lent - week 3

Just call me over budget Betty.
Two weeks in a row I am OVER budget!
Maybe I wasn't realistic with this goal, but I am pressing on and going to try to finish the whole 40 days under $300!
I guess I should stop getting my hair done and going to 90% off sales at the thrift store?!  (um no way)

Here's my last week:

Neighborhood Club Thrift Store:  $9.42
90% off all winter items!! I bought two huge bags of stuff for $9!! For myself alone I got an awesome purse, 3 belts, 3 pairs of jeans (two of which I have already cut into adorable shorts for summer!) and a brand new dress with the TJ Maxx tags for $34,99 still attached!
I also got my nieces some adorable skinny jeans, a jcrew outfit, a couple hoodies, my dad a sweater, my sister 3 maternity items, and a pair of tiny baby boots!!
favorite. store. ever.   I can't wait until summer items are 90% off :)

Hair Salon: $30 + $10 tip
My friend from high school does my hair, she cut and highlighted it for $30 bucks. amazing!! So I shouldn't complain about being over budget because I could have easily spent $100...

Red Box Movies: $5.14
Red Box is only $1 right? lol. Yes, but if you don't take them back you get charged another dollar! I rented two movies for my nieces to watch on Friday night and forgot to take them back on Saturday. dummy.

Parking lot: $3
I met my sister and her three kiddos at the Columbus airport on Thursday night and had to pay to park. totally worth it to see those 3 cuties running to me from across the airport.... :)

Jet's Pizza: $8.35
Monday night after getting home from the weekend and having an excruciatingly long day at work I could not  think about cooking and we didn't have anything easy to fix in the fridge (it's been over a week since I've been to the store!) and I had a coupon! haha

Total: $65.91
So this week was way, way over budget.
but I had to get my hair done this weekend because I was going home, and I had to take advantage of the 90% off sale! haha.  I could have skipped the pizza and the movies and been closer to my target.
My sister also gave me $20 as a - thanks for driving down and buying my kids some stuff at the thrift store, I know you're poor kinda thing, so if you take that into account then I'm under by $4, right?! RIGHT! :)

Try, try, try again!

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Kensi said...

so that's why the thrift store was cleaned out when I went...hahaha! I did find a couple of things though and only spent 51 cents!, thanks for letting me know!!!

love the blog updates!


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