Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Almost there!

Hi! Exciting update!
Lee and I got our interview date for his Green Card!!!
You know how on the movie The Proposal they have to go through an interview to prove they’re actually married.
That’s what we have to do in just a couple weeks.  We also need to take pictures and any other evidence we think will support our case for the validity of our marriage. 
Lee said – can’t we just print off our “see friendship” on Facebook? Haha!

We’re really not worried, obviously we’re actually married.  I have about a billion kissing pictures to prove I love the man.
It is a little intimidating to go to the immigration office though.  The boarder patrol always give me creepy vibes.

If all goes well we should be approved and get his Green Card within a few weeks following the interview and Lee will be a permanent resident and legally be allowed to live and work in the US for 10 years!
Which the biggest advantage we will have is he will no longer need to be sponsored for an immigrant VISA by a hospital.  So he will not be restricted in who will take him for residency
Praise Jesus!

Anyone else ever dealt with immigration?? 

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Mlia said...

this is so cute i should be starting sgu this yr


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