Sunday, March 10, 2013


I started doing a "Happiness Challenge" recently!  Feel free to join in :) 

Today is a music kind of day.

1. Bruno Mars!  Am I such a teenager or what?  I LOVE the song When I Was Your Man... listening to it on repeat today. It's funny because it in no way relates to my life, lol, but I love it. 

2. Ben Rector - Christian and love songs. perfect!
Lee learned a few of his songs and played them for me. even better.
This song - Forever Like That, hasn't been released, so the video isn't the best, it's from a live show, but I love love love love this song. so sweet.

3. true love alert.
guess what that Lee did now?? LEARNED 1,000 YEARS FROM THE TWILIGHT MOVIES!
he started playing it for me and I almost died.

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Ann P said...

I'm a big fan of music, too! It can be so uplifting on a difficult day! I LOVE that Lee learned those songs to play for you! He is a good hubby! (by the way, if you are really into the gratitude thing there is another blog called "The Happy Wives Club" and there's a link-up every Thursday called "Why I Love My Husband." I've linked up there several times and it's pretty awesome!)
Have a great day! Ann


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