Friday, March 1, 2013

Places I want to go before we leave Michigan

like how I said that?
WHEN we leave Michigan.
as if I'm not planning on being here for residency.
because I'm not.
Dear Lord Jesus please send us south. please!

So there are the obvious places that we haven't been yet -
Detroit Zoo
Detroit Institute of Arts
Tiger's Game
Lion's Game - if possible
and a Red Wings game too if we can swing it!

Mexican Town- especially the Honeybee's market I'm interested in!

I NEED to see the Fairy doors in Ann Arbor!  How cool is this!!!

Avalon Bread - downtown Detroit.  I hear they have a sea salt, dark chocolate cookie that I've got to try! 

Doc's Sweets' Candy Shop - the largest candy store in Michigan?! what?!

Historic Fort Wayne - and the Tuskegee Airmen Museum is also there.  I won't be too sad if we never go here, but it might be cool!

I do need to explore the western coast of Michigan a bit, who knows, I could love it and don't even know yet!
Here's a list of the best beaches on Michigan's west coast nicknamed the sunset coast. I like the sound of that.
Sand dunes! 

and if we get REALLY adventurous and find ourselves with time off I want to see Mackinac Island and while we're at it we should head further north to the U.P. as the locals call it, the upper peninsula of Michigan where there are MOOSE roaming free and this insanely gorgeous place called Pictured Rocks and they have   2 hour cruises that take you along the shore.  I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!

You never know, I may just start to love Michigan.... at least 3 months out of the year.


Tammy said...

Grand Haven and Holland are really fun- you'll probably really enjoy the west coast of Michigan!

Pictured Rocks makes me forget that I'm in Michigan all together, I love it there! Mackinac is also a great time! The fudge can also be found in Chicago- but it's not the same. :)

Most of the up north is really fun. Dune buggy rides are really fun if you haven't been to the sand dunes at all, too!

Kensi said...

please let me know when you find the fairy doors... too cute!

Desi said...

It hurts my heart to see someone who doesn't want to live in Michigan. I had to move south and I'm trying everything to get back now :(


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