Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter in Michigan

February is the month where you start to be completely 100% OVER winter... if you were ever not over it to begin with.
I was never ready for it.
and am more ready than anyone for it to be over.

How is winter in Michigan?
and we're in like the southern most part of the state.

It hasn't been above freezing for weeks (ok except for that one, really mean, teaser day when it was 50degrees)
tonight it's supposed to be 7 degrees. SEVEN!
I don't like single digits!

It snows about every single day.  Just enough to make it messy, ugly, and slippery.

In an attempt to embrace the cold and make the best of it Lee and I recently went to an ice sculpture street fair.  They were beautiful, but we only lasted maybe 20-30 minutes.  We were NUMB.

The Seahorse was my favorite!
Dreaming of Grenada.

Quite the switch from my Grenada wardrobe eh? :) 


Kensi said...

I am with you on the cold! It's just wrong to be this cold! I can't take it anymore! the sculptures are neat... next time you know of something like this send me the details please :)

Amber said...

I LOVE these pictures! You two are basically the cutest couple on the planet, you know this right? I'm sorry you're so cold. Let's kidnap each other and go back to Grenada or South Beach, ok? Ok! :)


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