Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

I'm not Catholic but since college I've enjoyed participating in Lent.
Giving up something for 40 days.
Something that is a real sacrifice.
Something that you desire and without it in your life you feel a void that you are able to fill with God and prayer and discipline.  Something everyone can benefit from, no need to be Catholic!

In years past I've given up mostly food items.
One year Lee and I gave up meat.  At midnight the last night we were chowing down on KFC and hamburgers. haha. it was pathetic.
In Grenada I gave up smoothies... because they are the most delicious thing I can imagine and I wanted to drink one every single time I went to the store.
I've given up pop, candy, and lots of other unhealthy things.

This year I have been sticking to my New Years Resolutions quite well and when I thought about Lent I couldn't think of any food I felt I really needed to give up... for a split second I considered giving up pizza, but since that is my ONLY guilty pleasure left I decided that was unnecessary torture ;)

Today I went to Target and somewhere amongst the 70% off rack I realized that I love to bargain hunt. way.too.much.
Weekly I make my rounds to the thrift stores in the area.  We have the BEST thrift stores!
And on this healthy, clean, eating kick I've been spending a little more than I should at the grocery store too!
It's no secret that Lee and I are poor. poor, poor, poor.  and somehow every month we are able to pay all our bills and still have money left over for me to spend at the thrift store.  But should I be?  I have literally every single thing I could ever want in life and probably more!
I've been doing well saving each week.  I bank with PNC and they have a great website and make it so easy!  I have a certain amount auto-deducted from my account each week and it goes directly into my savings account.  The plan is to keep increasing it each week and hopefully by the end of Lent I will have my savings over $1,000.  maybe. hopefully. miracles do happen.

So here are my Lent guidelines for myself:

Spend a max of $50 a week, including groceries!
AND continue to eat healthy!

Things not included: rent, gas, electricity, and phone bill.

Everything else has to be bought for less that $50!  If I go over, the next week is less that amount.
This means Target is totally out.  My thrifting is majorly cut back (except I have a 50% entire purchase  coupon at Value World next week that I'll probably use... so we'll eat rice and beans and out of the freezer that week :) and we'll have to think long and hard about going out to eat.... good thing it's $5 foot long month!

Think I can do it?
I'll try to keep myself accountable on here.

ps. I went to the grocery store today and spend $50.... so I'll be a leg up going into this week b/c I just did a big shop!  That's not cheating, is it?


Tammy said...

I think it's perfect! Not cheating at all! :)

It's pretty great to spend so little at the grocery store! I miss those days. I imagine how little we would really be spending if we were in the US versus being here. Things are super expensive and I'm still amazed at it. I hear the spending of others and feel a little overwhelmed that we don't. But, from reading past posts you were just as thrifty here in Grenada as you are at home! :)

I also think it's great that you observe Lent too even if you're not Catholic, that's awesome. :)

Tammy said...
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