Monday, February 4, 2013


Superbowl Sunday was disgusting.

The day started out good - a bowl of cereal and a banana

Then the pastor invited us over for lunch... stuff manicotti and cheesecake.
for real.

One of the things Lee and I had been making a serious point to cut out was cheese.
No cheese on our salad, no cheese on sandwiches, no cream cheese, no alfredo sauce...
and then the manicotti came.
I mean I love manicotti, I love cheese.
and when someone offers it to you, you eat it....

Ok so I made it through lunch eating a lot of the spinach salad and cucumber, onion, garlic mix -whatever it was.
then came the Superbowl party.
I had already planned on making some velveeta cheese,diced tomato, and green chilies dip (it's the Superbowl after all, right?)
Well someone brought that delicious buffalo chicken dip, and some kind of bean dip, and a chocolate caramel dessert mess.................... ugh.
I limited myself the best I could, really I did.  But I was on cheese overload.

and today I'm instituting a cheese detox - fruits and vegetables only! haha

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Kensi said...

good for you! I'm trying hard to limit the junk too, except for Saturdays, but it's hard with the weather like this. Everytime I look outside and see the snow I get depressed and I just want to get under the covers and eat chocolate and bread, hahaha


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