Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Love

Lee and I celebrated our 8th Valentine's Days together this past week!

As our usual, it was a little low key.  We both had to work and are on that "not spending money" thing.
I go home everyday for lunch for about an hour and half b/c I live 2 blocks from work and have a long break in the middle of the day (probably the best part of my job!ha!) so Lee always knows that I'm home from 12-1 or 2.
On Valentine's Day he came home for lunch and surprised me by bringing me a beautiful bouquet of flowers (mini carnations) and my favorite lunch food!!  (Chicken Orchard Salad and Tre Color Sandwich from Brioche -a shop in the hospital)
I am so blessed by that husband of mine.  I love him so overwhelmingly much and we have so much fun together.  As much as I love what an amazing man and soon-to-be Dr he is, I love his silly, boyish side even more! and that's the side that I think (and am secretly happy) that only I see.
We spent the weekend getting snowed in watching children's movies!
I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how many movies we watched, but I got all my homework done (and some for next week!!) so whatever, I spent all that time cuddling with my husband.
We watched:
Friday night - Wreck it Ralph (well I fell asleep in that one...) but it started off funny and I'm planning on watching it at some point
Saturday night - Hotel Transylvania - really cute!  and lots of funny people do the voices.  I don't know if little kids would like it that much though...
And on Sunday afternoon we had an Ice Age marathon!  I love those movies!  We watched the 4th one a few weeks ago so we re-watched 1-3.

We didn't like the picture of us (and Lee's only good for one picture at a time) so I just blurred us :)

My Valentine's Day outfit, the patients at our office loved it! haha

Chocolate covered strawberries I made my Lee!

We were going to go out for dinner on Saturday night, but I woke up craving breakfast food so we went out Saturday morning instead and good thing because during the afternoon it snowed several inches!
ps. all that food for $12.70! (plus tip)
We didn't look outside for a few hours and then I heard a snow plow and saw this!

I'm beginning to forget what our street looked like when it wasn't blanketed in white!

Only 30 days till Spring!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to wear those new coral skinny jeans I got at Target on clearance before Lent started ;) 

oh! and I wanted to know do any of you, that I don't already follow, do instagram?!  I LOVE it!  Even more than Facebook!
you can find me @kelseycoghill
real tricky name I know.


Lauren Crews said...

Sounds like the best weekend to me! Don't be ashamed for watching kids movies. I'm pretty sure that's what we watch most around here! They are the best kind!

Kensi said...

you guys are cute! my kids love Hotel Transylvania and yes, I am also on the count down to spring, woohoo!


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