Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1st week of Lent

Well I am happy to announce that I survived the first week without over-spending!!! yay!!!
Tomorrow is a fresh new $50!

I did spend some money foolishly, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it.
Here's a break down.

Kroger:  $6.48 - Almond milk, chocolate bar (for cookies I made) and two bags of hulled sunflower seeds for salads
Kmart - $9.60 - ok this was unnecessary(and random) I realize - clearance vday candy (sweet tarts and jolly rancher suckers!) 2 pairs of clearance tights, and bananas.  Kmart is down the street from our church and every once in a while I just love to check their clearance! must.stop!
Country Grille - $16.70 - yummy breakfast for two 12.70 and $4 tip.  (this was instead of going out for Vday)
Kroger - $8.42 - donuts, milk, and orange juice for the teens in our Sunday School class.  They loved it so much I'm afraid it's going to become a weekly installment!  I'm on a mission to find cheaper donuts, but this was kinda a last minute "wouldn't that be nice" idea. 
Subway - $5.30 - sweet onion chicken teryaki foot long sub for Sunday lunch. our fav!

Total: $46.50! 

Truthfully...... we way, way, way overspent this week.  I needed a text book and Lee needed 3!  Over $150 later my credit card is asking me "is lent over already?!"
ugh stupid expensive books!
So I didn't count that... it'll fall under the category of "stuff I didn't want to spend money on anyway" just like gas and electric, yea?

Next week I'll have to really limit my frivolous purchases because we're going to need some groceries at some point... no Kmart or eating out (except Subway of course!)

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