Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Foods, Super Coghills

Look at me blogging a second day in a row!

I thought if I'm going to keep up with these resolutions I better be accountable to something.
Two birds, one stone.

I had a realization last night... 2013 will potentially be my LAST year of existence of having my entire body entirely my own.... meaning, that Lee and I plan to have a baby at some point after he begins residency in July 2014, so it's not too far fetched to believe that next year I could be sharing some of the space :)

Thus, motivation to make 2013 a very healthy year!  A lot of people don't have the luxury of preparing their body for pregnancy and I am going to take full advantage of it.  Eating as healthy as possibly and getting in great shape!  What better motivation than the hope of a healthy baby, right??

Yesterday I printed off a list of 100 "super foods" 
Foods that are rich in vitamins, ward off disease, and give you energy.
I've decided that if Lee and I are going to "diet" rather than taking away a lot of the foods we enjoy we should add foods that are good for us!  If you're full of healthy foods you're not hungry for junk is the idea...

I've written a few of the foods on our chalkboard in the kitchen and everyday I'm going to check off which one's I've been able to sneak into my diet and keep track of how many I can get in a day!
A lot of the foods happen to be my favorites too!

Sweet Potatoes
Avocado (not a problem for me at all to squeeze in in some yummy guacamole!)
Blackberries (ok any berries!)
Cabbage (especially red cabbage)
Whole grain breads & pasta
Olive Oil
Green Tea (an everyday staple already)
Chocolate (it counts if I eat chocolate covered peanuts, right??)

and fish.  Fish is going to be on of the more difficult ones for me to implement.  We both like it a lot... it's just not something I'm used to buying or cooking.  I no longer have the luxury of the fresh fish market in St. George's and the counter at Kroger smells rancid and frozen just doesn't look that appetizing if you know what I mean... so wish me luck there and/or give me some tips!  What is your favorite??
I'm starting with some frozen wild salmon for dinner tonight.

And guess what I did before work today?!
Ab Ripper X!
oh yea.  My abs will regret this tomorrow.



Amanda said...

I love super foods, especially avocado, broccoli and bananas (and well, all of them!!) I always feel so good about eating them!
Can't wait for a baby Coghill! (I'm expecting my first in about a month!!)

Amber said...

We also like tilapia, it has a good mild flavor. We buy frozen salamon ans tilapia, I agree about the co unter at the store. Google some recipe, but my current favorite is so light and easy (for either): salt, pepper, drizzle a tad lemon juice on each and broil about 7-9 min until done. So easy and good. Baking/grilling on cedar planks is another favorite.

Tammy said...

Kroger sells a Kroger brand of salmon that's individually wrapped. I think that it's around 12 dollars or so and there are several filets in there. It's simple. Just defrost a filet or two and cook how you want it. :)

This was kind of my go-to salmon, Moe was really weird about it, because he didn't like farm raised fish, and this was not farm raised, but wild caught. :)

It's not the fish market, but it will probably do. Also, Whole Foods has a nice selection of fish, but it's a little bit pricier than the one from kroger.

Wal-Mart (idk if you like this place or not, some people are weird about it) sells whole tilapia in a bag, also wild caught, and you can just do the same thing, it's frozen, but defrost it, marinate it and bake it. :) They also sell wild caught shrimp if you like shrimp, and if it counts. :)

Tammy said...


maybe try something like this instead of the store bought coffee creamer, too.

-Kelsey Coghill said...

Tammy you are awesome!!! :) Thanks!


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