Wednesday, January 9, 2013

:this is not a fitness blog:

I'm just on the bandwagon currently...

I'm trying to make little changes each day, basically to keep things interesting, and keep myself ON this bandwagon.
Today it was my coffee.

I'm trying to only drink coffee on my early, early, EARLY mornings.
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I get up around 5:45AM. disgusting. I know.
I'm relatively a coffee newbie and haven't exactly acquired the taste for plain old coffee so I love flavored creamers... which are full of sugar and who-knows-what.
So each morning when I pour a cup I take a drink of it black.  In hopes that today might be the day that I like it.  Hasn't happened yet, but we're making progress.

I usually have one cup at home while I'm getting ready and then bring a travel mug to work with me, which is like 2 cups.  Today I drank my cup at home with Heath Bar creamer (it's so good!) and then my mug I brought to work I just used plain old milk. no sugar. and I don't hate it!
I also like to use almond milk in my coffee - which is a super food!
So I'm getting a caffeine boost 3 days a week, but also sneaking some milk.

And they say for every cup of coffee drink 2 cups of water... so that's 6 cups of water for me this morning! and lots of trips to the restroom....

P.S. salmon turned out good! I did a oliveoil/honey/garlic/salt/pepper flavoring and it was really yummy.


xoxo-Kristen said...

coffee is my addiction!! I want to work at starbucks

Tammy said...

I too love coffee. Sigh. I miss starbucks like WHOA! :) haha. BUT, I'm happy to have starbucks coffee here on the island.. Even if the only coffee I get is blended by yours truly, haha.

Salmon is such a nice fish to season. :) You can do almost anything with it, good job!! :)

Amanda said...

Coffee is my precious. I go to bed early some nights just so I can wake up for coffee! I made the switch last New Years from bottle creamer to homemade lattes. I buy my syrup at Starbucks and it lasts almost a whole month and I steam milk for every cup. You probably don't have that luxury on those early mornings though.. :( I read an article about bottled creamer and how your body can't metabolize it. When I switched to milk and syrup I swear I lost 5 lbs!

Anonymous said...

I also need at least a cup of coffee before I start my bike commute!


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