Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, new attitude

I'm for real doing some resolutions. 
and sticking to them!
or at least trying really hard to.  

1. Blogging!! 
I had a bit of a difficult year... I've felt a little "off" and I've associated it with the loss of things that I love.  I lost Grenada.  I lost the sunshine, the warm air, the beach, my friends, my kids,  my "I'm doing something with my life feeling"....   and along with that I quit blogging. on both blogs.  I quit updating about our lives, just assuming that since I feel like our life sucks, no one else will want to hear about it.  But really, interesting things happen to me everyday!  Detroit is a crazy place!  Life is never truly boring... 
and I really do love my Kelsey Inspired blog.  I love crafting and sharing things with the blogging world.  I'll to do better with updating and I know I'll be happier for it. So look for a blog layout makeover coming soon! 

2.  Volunteering 
When we moved to Detroit I really wanted to get involved in something. I started volunteering with the crisis pregnancy center, but I had to miss a couple of weeks and then to be honest lost interest.  It's is such a needed, important ministry... but I as a young woman with no kids, no experience with child birth or parenting I didn't feel as though I was really that much of a help to these girls and usually left feeling as though I had short-changed them or something.  If that makes sense. 

I need to find something I am passionate about, there is so much need in Detroit, I just have to find my place. yea? 

3. Get Healthy. 
Exercise!? - ugh. I had to say it. Lee and I are going to be so much healthier in 2013.  We were so good when we were in Grenada and then we get back to America and it all goes to pots.  Whatever. It's a new year and I need to get skinny skinny for that trip back to Grenada for 2013, right?? :)  
What are we doing differently?  Well eating better for starters.  Less snacking, less carbs, less sugary drinks.  More fruit, more vegetables, more fish!  I got a new programmable crock pot for Christmas (thank you Lee's parents!) and I'm going to use it.  Healthy dinner Mon-Thursday is the goal. 
Lee has this ab ripper dvd that he's been doing and I did like 5 minutes of it... once. so I'm going to try to do that more often and elliptical. all that.  and walk!  I need to go outside and walk a little to get what tiny traces of sunshine exist in Michigan. I need vitamin D in my life! 

4. Think positive. 
I promised Lee that in 2013 I will not hate Michigan.  I spent June-December 2012 hating this state. the entire place.  and secretly, not so secretly I still do.... but I'm not going to say it anymore!  I'm going to be happy about life and where I am, or at least make an attempt.  and that's all you can ask for, right Lee?? 

5.  Stay in better contact with family and friends
It's tough to admit you're a bad friend, but I kinda am.  I get so stupidly busy during the week that when I get home Mon-Thursday all I do is eat and go to bed.  And the weekends I've been traveling a lot so I forget to keep up to date with my family and friends' lives.  They are important to me so I need to show it!  I'm going to be better about facebook messages, emails, texting, and calling my family!  Isn't it a wonderful problem to have too many friends to keep up with?! :)
To kick off to a good start we're having a party on Saturday with our friends from Grenada who are now in the Detroit area! 

and this was my 400th post?! whoa!!! 


Tammy said...

I'd love to switch places with you! I'm in Grenada, but wish I was in Michigan. :) For me, it's home. It's where my family is.

Try to find places that are different there, maybe try to take a trip up north and see some of the beauty that it offers, or since you're in Detroit try to check out the heidelberg project or a new restaurant. Slow's BBQ is one of our favorites.. and Also "Mexican Village" in The Mexican Village in Detroit. The old Train station near Slow's and Mexican Village is also a really interesting piece.. I know it might not seem like much but, it is interesting to us. :) Also, you could visit nearby suburbs.. Royal Oak and Birmingham are really nice, and have great parks and restaurants alike.

In Clinton township there's a place that has great cupcakes- GiGi's Cupcakes. And there's an outdoor mall nearby The Mall at Partridge Creek, I love it so much. :)

-Kelsey Coghill said...

Hi Tammy! I would trade places with you in a heartbeat :) I don't mean to sound like a brat, I would be really sad if someone disliked my hometown too b/c even if it does suck it's home...
We are finding some of the positives here! We've been to the Heidelberg project a few times with our visitors. We love downtown and Greektown! There are nice malls and Lake St. Clair is beautiful!
Mexican Town is on our list of things to do... it's just a lot harder than in Grenada because I have this really annoying thing called job. ugh. takes up all of my fun time for sure ;)
2013 will be much more positive, promise :)

Tammy said...

Girl, even if it's not more positive, it's your blog! :) I complain all the time in mine. ha.

I'm OK if you dislike MIchigan, haha. I have plenty of friends who are from Michigan and don't love it. :) haha. I actually understand. It's sort of how I feel about Grenada. I know lots of people love it here and equal parts can't wait to come back, but.. I am ready to leave, ready for a job, etc. I'd still switch with you- the job and all. :)

Slow's is in Corktown- pretty close to Mexican Village, the streets are brick, and it's neat to see.

AND, if you like Arabic food, Dearborn has the most amazing Arabic restaurants, ever, it's the biggest population of Lebanese people in the country, or something? Anyway, I LOVE Cedarland, on Warren Ave. It's a little nutty when you walk in- there are some funky decorations, but it's totally worth it. The food is great! And, there's so much for the amount that you pay.. My husband and I usually split something and it costs about $13.00 and we have leftovers. It's awesome. and, there's a bakery down the street called Shatila that has great baklava.. :)

Mackinaw Island is a must see, too. :) And, the Detroit Zoo is fun too, in Royal Oak, which is a nice area to go shopping in and walk around in. PLUS there are a lot of good restaurants there too.

I think I just like food, ha.

Ann P said...

Hi, Kelsey. Don't know if you remember me or not. I commented a few times when you were blogging back in Granada. I am SO glad you plan on posting more on your blog again! I've really missed reading them! (Yes, people are interested in your "not so boring" life):) I understand how your feel, though. I'm from northern Indiana and most winters are cold and yucky! I actually think I have what's called "light affective seasonal disorder" (SAD)and having some sunlight each day makes a big difference. As far as volunteering...since you enjoyed your kids in Granada, maybe you should try something like Big Brother, Big Sister program or just helping in an afterschool kids program. Anyways, keep postin', girl!
God bless, Ann


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