Tuesday, January 15, 2013

remember Lee?

enough about me and definitely enough about food.

remember medical school?
remember Lee?
the good looking, hardworking, doctor-to-be, love of my life?

he's still around!
he hasn't kicked me to the curb yet
and medical school is an ever-present force in my life. ugh

He is currently in his pediatric rotation at St. John's.
not his favorite.
and it's not because of the sick kids, it's just a lot of work and homework. blah.

He finished up family medicine just before Christmas break and decided that is what he wants to do with his life.
He loved it.  He like the doctors he worked with, he liked the wide age range of patients, the diversity of their ailments, as well as the work load and schedule.
yay for knowing what to specialize in!!!

He just got his final grades in for his first two rotations - Surgery and OB (like 6 months later...) and did extremely well and is continuing to make all the doctors and residents like him (which is great, but not good for me since I DON'T want to do residency in MI and if they love him they'll want him.ugh)
but I'm a good wife and will go where ever... right?

I told Lee I wanted to live somewhere warm so last week he comes home and says "How about Oklahoma?!"
Oklahoma?  It's warm there? hmmmmmmm keep trying.

Last week we also finished all the paper work for his Green Card!
As a Canadian, this will drastically improve his chances of getting a residency in the US because the hospital will not have to sponsor him for a VISA - I am his sponsor! haha :)
It could take up to a year, but we're very hopeful that it will just be a few months.
The process is stupid and expensive... if you're interested in asking me any questions about it thought I'd be happy to help.

As it stands here is the timeline the next year or so

January - Mid February - Pediatrics
Mid February - Mid May - Internal Medicine and finish 3rd year!
May - take that one test in Chicago (I forget what it's called... BSCE? maybe?)
Mid May - June - Lee will have off to study for the STEP 2.  Oh happy day, it doesn't end with Step 1... nor 2 for that matter.
July - begin 4th year (which isn't really a year, but like 30some weeks of rotations)
Fall (I'm not exactly sure August-September-ish) - Apply for residency programs all over the country
Late Fall/Early Winter- interview for said residency programs
February 2014 - finish 4th year rotations!!!
March 2014 - MATCH FOR A RESIDENCY PROGRAM! (I hope and pray!)
May 2014 - Graduate!
July 2014 - start residency!!!!!!!!!!

What once seemed so far away now seems possible! Hallelujah!


TiffanyClark said...

Yay! Maybe he will get to do his residency in Nashville! We have lots of great hospitals!!

Ann P said...

Sweet! I understand wanting to move to a warmer climate! Hey, did I miss it, or are you still waiting for the right time to tell us all about your trip back to Granada? I wanna see pictures!!! Just wondering.

Erin Dawn said...

Heya! Just read your comment, that's awesome you have friends in the Faroes! Weird question - do you think they'd be interested in writing with me? Lemme know!


Tammy said...

Where do you hope to go for residency? Would you want to go back to your home state.. or what would your dream be?


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