Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do Yoga With Me?

just in case anyone is wondering I haven't fallen off the resolution-bandwagon just yet... and January is almost over!
a whole month of keeping with my resolutions?!
well..... some of them.

surprisingly what I am doing best with is keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.
we've been eating so well and working out almost as often as I'd like.

I have an amazing website I'd like to share!
You know how you when you discover something awesome you secretly want to keep it all for yourself?? but then you realize that's dumb and you should share with all your friends? haha. yea

It's the best website I've discovered since Pinterest!
There are 100s of free, completely free yoga videos!
They are entire classes, some are even over an hour long and I have yet to find one that I didn't think was great.
This morning I did Bend and Stretch and The Mogul Mucher.
I am completely new to yoga, except for that one term in Grenada when my friend Adriana and I tired to do it.... we were terrible! but the view was great!! sunset overlooking the Caribbean ocean.......... sigh.
and today I was staring at the wall of my apartment. such is life.
But, the point is, they have an entire selection of beginners videos that are easy to follow and not too terrible for the in-flexible.  And you get to do it in the privacy of your own home so no one is seeing you in that terribly awkward pose you haven't quite mastered....

Afterwards today I was feeling so great I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and my ab workout.  Unfortunately I don't always have that kind of time.... but Saturdays are good for fitting in an extra workout.
What it did do was increase my appetite a lot and thankfully Lee and I have rid our house of almost all junk food!  I haven't bought a single unhealthy thing since Christmas and in a unusual wave of dedication one day I threw away an entire bag of potato chips and some candy.  I'm noticing though the hardest thing for me is carbs.  I crave bread.  I got rid of the english muffins and bagels we had in the fridge too because they were tempting me too much.

Funny thing once you start making a point to eat healthy foods you become so concerned about what is in everything.  Kroger has started carrying Simple Truth organic products that are reasonably priced.  I switched to organic cereal, pasta sauce, and salad dressing this week.   And we have Trader Joe's about 4 blocks away!  That store is amazing.... if I had money I think I'd spend it all there.

so is anyone going to do yoga with me??

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Amanda said...

No yoga for me just yet, but I've been keeping up with my Jillian M DVD!

I'm glad you are discovering organically and reading labels, it really is a source of enjoyment for me. I was just reading about Krogers new products since that will be my grocery store here soon.

And Trader Joes?! My fave. My neighbor commutes from the city every Thurs night and brings us a standing order of TJs Greek yogurt and 5 seed almond bars. You have to try them! They remind me of the fruit bars Tiptons usd to have, minus the icing.


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