Monday, October 15, 2012

Coming home...

I'm here!
I'm home!!!!
I'm in my beloved Grenada!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband loves me so much and finally realized after 9 months of begging that the Grenada bug was not going away.... so I asked for a week off work and bough the ticket and I'M HERE!!!!!!

I feel like singing.

I'll do a real post soon, for reallllllls. promise.

I just wanted to let everyone know that it is sill the same beautiful, perfect paradise it was when I left... and the Grenada bug is now apart of my DNA... etched in my heart forever.


Anonymous said...

So glad you made it. I'm quite jealous and hope to go back again someday. Enjoy every moment and those beautiful children :-)

TexianDoc said...

No fair!!! My wife, kids and I haven't figured out how to get back. Maybe in a few years for our 25th anniversary.

Jay D. Akin, M.D.

ruzzel01 said...

Im sure im going there someday.


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