Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Babies Galore!

Lee  and I's lives recently have been focused on babies babies babies.... and none of our own.

Lee is in his OB/GYN rotation currently and I am volunteering at a pregnancy center.  We did a "Walk for Life" this weekend to raise awareness about abortion, which is rampant and casual almost in Detroit.
It breaks my heart that young women think nothing of killing their unborn baby... but that's a whole different post.   While I am counseling women dealing with a multitude of issues and circumstances that have led them to consider abortion as an option, Lee is bringing new lives into this world!!

He has delivered about a dozen babies now!  It is amazing and rather than being a little grossed out like I thought I might be, I am in awe of how awesome Lee is and what an experience he is having!!

OB/GYN has been an interesting rotation.  He started out in the surgical aspect of it, which was completely similar to his surgery rotation.  Then he moved into the clinic where he did routine exams, inserted IUDs, and dealt with STDs etc.  In OB he is with mothers during the labor process, watching football games with the dads to be, and wishing he was playing with the babies rather than cleaning up after delivery :)

His schedule has been erratic, but do-able.
He has worked a typical 7am-5pm schedule, he's worked 1pm-midnight, 5pm-7am, and some days he has nothing other than lectures for a few hours.

I think he's enjoying the learning experience and the celebration and miracle of a new life entering the world, but this isn't exactly what he wants to do for the rest of his life.
And I'd prefer to not introduce people to my husband the gynecologist.....

Our T-Shirts for the Walk for Life!
Sweet baby feet....

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Amber said...

Has he helped with a natural delivery? My sister has a friend who was doing observation for becoming a nurse and had to request to see a natural because all she got to see we're c sections!! I'm sure it's different with becoming a doctor vs a nurse though.


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