Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Here it is already September!  If I'm wishing these years in medical school away, I am certainly doing a good job.
Lee is well into his 3rd year now and I have stopped telling people that we have 2 more years in school and have shortened it to a year and half (but it could actually be less!  Lee can finish in Dec of 13, but just not start residency until July)
It's a nice feeling to say a year and half!!

Lee is now in his OB/GYN rotation.  For the most part we'd say this rotation has been a breeze thus far.  In fact this morning I was the one getting out of bed at 5:45am fork work while Lee slept in as late has he pleased.  On Tuesdays he just has a lecture to attend from 1-3! Cake walk!
The other days of the week aren't quite as easy peasy, but they have been nothing compared to surgery.
Next couple weeks he starts delivering babies though so we'll see how that goes!  He works a lot of overnight shifts then, but shouldn't be more than12-14 hours at a time.

Have I mentioned the fact that we are now thinking surgery is the first choice for specialty?
That darn Lee just had to go and be too good and impress too many people that they want to keep him here!  I'm all for it if it's what he wants.... but it's a 5 YEAR residency.
and that means 5 more years in Michigan?! yikes.

Things for me are still sailing along.  I've found that the busier I get, the more I get done.  Does that make sense?
I've been working more, going to school full time, volunteering 4 hours a week, we've been traveling a lot on the weekends, and I've actually got on a regular exercise routine, keeping the house somewhat clean, and have small amounts of time to spend with my husband.
Life is pretty good actually.

I received my first A on my first paper I wrote for my masters degree so I was pretty content with that.  Only 30000 more papers to go.

I have so many posts to catch up on... we went to Alberta, Canada to Banff National Park and it was gorgeous... we went to African Lion Safari... we've been in Ohio visiting my family... we've toured around Detroit.  eeesh.  I'm behind.

I do attempt to keep up with instagram though if you'd like to follow me there!

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