Sunday, August 26, 2012

The I hate everything game

sound like fun?
it actually is!

I sometimes get in bad moods....
It's true.  
Now it's usually totally not my fault, but I get alllllll the blame.

You know the days when everything is going wrong, you're irritable, and feel entitled to a few hours of being crabby?  (Please say I'm not the only one!)

Lee came up with a way to get me out of a bad mood, a game of sorts.
The I Hate Everything Game.

I have the tendency to say the phrase "I hate my life!" in a joking, bratty kinda way.   Like there is no milk in the morning and I utter "ugh I hate my life".  I have to go to work today "I hate my life!"  and it makes Lee soooooooooooooooo angry.
So I do it pretty often.

He decided in the car the other day that we should just play the I hate everything game and get it over with.
I started spouting off everything that I could think of that was annoying and it felt awesome to get all that out... then Lee joined in.  Then it turned to slightly less serious things, then to non serious things, then the most absurd random stuff we could think up as we drove down the road....
and before we knew it we were laughing and smiling and in a great mood.

who would have thought that hating stuff would be so good for the soul?

*if you don't like the word hate you could probably play the I strongly dislike game....

1 comment:

Amber said...

Kelsey Cooper Coghill I need to start playing this! I say I hate my life over silly things too and I think this would be a good way to get out all the frustration at once. <3 I think you've started the world's best game to cheer people up when they're feeling annoyed. LOVE YOU MISS YOU CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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