Monday, August 6, 2012


This is going to be honest.....
I currently have 17 dollars and 42  cents in my bank account (aside from a small savings in an overdraft protection account that I pretend I don't have)

Am I embarrassed to only have $17?  Obviously not if I'm posting it on the internet!
I am in fact, incredibly proud of myself.
I have paid all our bills through August with only the money I have earned.
We're not using Lee's loan for rent, food, student loan payments, or any other bills - only for his tuition!

And I'm proud to say that in our 3 years of marriage (and actually in both of our entire lives) we've never used a credit card.  I don't even have one, and never have.  Lee has one in case of emergencies and praise the Lord we have never had to use it.

Are our fiances perfect?  Well no..... we still have tens of thousands of dollar to pay for tuition for medical school and with me enrolling in grad school the student loan debt is going to rise slightly, but we've made a point to never pay for "things" with our student loan money.

Only having $17 isn't fun, but we've been on a spending "freeze" for a week now.  We haven't spent one dollar (ok other than milk. we needed milk the other day)

How have we not spent any money in a week? Well a huge thing is that we both walk or ride a bike to work.  No driving = no gas (and gas is $4.17 here!)
I eat lunch at home and Lee gets free lunch at the hospital!
and we've been clearing out the pantry, fridge, and freezer.  I have been so creative with our meals!  We had entirely too much frozen chicken and vegetables.

Being ridiculously busy helps.  We don't have time to go shopping or out to eat!

ps - don't worry about us though, I get paid Friday!  Only a few more days! 


Amber said...

your self control is something to be admired. the necessity is unfortunate, but it's impressive that you're so successful to NOT be using loan money for "things." Jesse and I could/should still take lessons in your self control! hooray for chicken and veggies :)

Ashley said...

You likely get comments like this all the time. We found your blog on an SGU student forum. My husband just applied for Jan 2013. I have lots of questions as we debate the road ahead! Any chance I can ask you a few?? My personal blog is email address is love answers or info to just a few questions! Love your blog..

Amber said...

Oh my gosh Kels, this makes me feel so much better. Josh and I aren't using any loan money now and our bank account is so low that we literally rely on my each paycheck. I thought we were the only ones! Look at us working gals supporting our hubbies. ;) One day when we both have money can we live next door to each other and have a giant pool and trampoline?


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