Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chiropractic Assistant

 I've been at my job at the Chiropractors office for about 2 months now and it's going well and I've finally decided to accept that this is my job and what I'll be doing for the near future... and it could be so much worse.

What does a Chiropractic Assistant do you ask?

Well, I assist the Chiropractor.  I don't do any kind of adjustments or even really touch the patients other than putting them in traction chairs to create curvature to the neck.

I sit at the front desk, greet patients, book appointments, take payments, enter patient notes, call insurance companies, develop x-rays, order supplies, and help my boss with lots of other random projects around the office.

It's not a bad job.  I get to dress cute everyday and talk to the patients and take long lunch breaks.

I now have keys to the building, my own email address, and am getting an all expense paid trip to Philadelphia to a chiropractic conference (where I'm meeting up with my friend Amber for a mini adventure!)

Why have I decided to accept that this is my job and end the search for my "dream" job? 
I'm starting classes this fall for a Masters in Professional Counseling!!
I haven't really "announced" it yet (not that I need to... who do I think I am?) but I've been waiting to tell everyone when I know for 100% sure that I can pay for it... which is still a couple days off, but I got accepted a couple weeks ago and registered for classes last week!!! :) :)
I'll be taking online classes through Liberty University - rated #1 among online schools in America and the largest Evangelical Christian University in the world!

I'm so excited to start this program and get closer to my dream of a career in public service.
Why am I no longer getting my MSW? 
a really big reason is that I need to take online classes so I can continue to work full time and there are practically no online social work programs that I can afford and could get accepted into this fall.   I don't want to put it off any longer because it's going to take me a few years as it is! 
A lot of the jobs I've looked into require either an MSW or a Masters in Counseling.  Both are licensed by the state and all they really care about is the licensure. 

I've been volunteering at Pregnancy Aid - a crisis pregnancy center in Detroit and have been trained as a counselor for the young women who come in and I absolutely love it.

It has taken me a long time to figure out what I want to do with my life and is going to take me a lot longer to actually get there.... but we're making progress.

I feel like 25 is so old and I'm running out of time to "figure it out" but I was encouraged the other day while listening to some political banter and they talked about a guy who's 42 and they referred to him as "a young rising star". 


Ann said...

Oh, Kelsey, you crack me up sometimes! 25 is NOT old at all! I didn't get married till I was 25, had our son at 30. I got a college degree in psychology and worked several jobs, including activities therapist at a mental health center, counselor in a crisis pregnancy center, and program coordinator in a parenting program for a non-profit organization. I also volunteered for awhile at a crisis pregnancy center and that happened to be my favorite job! Who knows, that may be what your dream job may be some day! Whatever you do, I'm sure you will be awesome at it! Congrats on being accepted and moving forward with the Masters program!

Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

Crystal said...

Martha Stewart was still a stock broker when she was 30. Things take time. ;)

mj said...

As for me, I worked as a call center agent for Expedia during my 20th birthday then work in Kodak for 5 years, then moved to Kia for a year. I am now 27 and this year had just made me realize that my happiness is having an online job. I think 27 is not that too old to find your purpose in life. Keep us posted with your adventures!

Marisa said...

Hey, Kelsey! I got a job! It only took me 2 months, and it's not as an attorney, but I'm still so proud of myself! Ha.

Marvin Watts said...

An assistant is someone who helps or assists another person. In this case, the chiropractic assistant assists the chiropractor in the two criteria for a successful office: patient management and office management. The C.A. may be actively involved in patient care by performing such tasks as a new patient interview, education of the patient, performing an exam, taking x-rays, etc.


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