Wednesday, July 25, 2012

no time for visitors :(

I have something going on like every single weekend until October. for real.  Why is life outside of Grenada so busy?  I never had plans in Grenada.  Aside from Limes and the orphanage...... life is demanding.  But at least I'm busy with some fun stuff coming up.... and stuff that I've chosen to do.
I just feel like I'm rushing summer! It will be fall before we know it!

July 28th - My friends Kristen, Michelle, and Sara are coming to visit!!!

August 4st -  prepare to leave for Calgary on Wednesday.... and catch up on a billion things I'm sure I will have let go by then...

August 11th - CALGARY, ALBERTA - CANADA!  Lee's best friend is getting married and we get to see the Canadian Rockies!! I'm so excited.

August 18th - Celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary!!

August 25th - back to Canada for John and Stacey's Ontario Reception

September 1st - Going away party for my cousin Carla who is being stationed in Okinawa Japan!!!

September 8th - Walk for Life!  A fundraising event hosted by Pregnancy Aid - the crisis Pregnancy center where I have been volunteering.

September 15th - I'm hoping my parents are coming to visit.......... hint hint

September 22nd - my friends Jessi and Eric's wedding in....... you guessed it! Canada!!!

September 29th - Chiropractic Conference in Philadelphia!!! So excited to see the Liberty Bell.

And in October I'm hoping I can squeeze in a trip to GRENADA!!! or November.... whenever I get gutsy enough to ask for time off work.... :)

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