Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grosse Pointe according to Wikipedia

Grosse Pointe refers to a coastal area in Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA, that comprises five adjacent individual communities. From southwest to northeast, they are:
The terms "Grosse Pointe" or "the Pointes" are ordinarily used to refer to the entire area, referencing all five individual communities, with a total population of about 46,000. The Grosse Pointes altogether are 10.4 square miles, bordered by Detroit on the south and west, Lake St. Clair on the east and south, Harper Woods on the west of some portions, and St. Clair Shores on the north.

Grosse Pointe is one of the most affluent suburban areas in Metro Detroit, sharing a border with northeast Detroit's historic neighborhoods

Many prominent Detroiters, members of the Ford family, including Edsel Ford (son of Henry Ford) and his wife, Eleanor Clay Ford, as well as Henry Ford II (grandson of Henry Ford), have chosen to reside in Grosse Pointe. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House, at 1100 Lake Shore Drive, is open to the public for guided tours.

Grosse Pointe is frequently referenced in television, film and literature, often as an icon of wealth and luxury. Grosse Pointe is known for a very preppy lifestyle, including dress, auto, and homes. The classic "preppy/old money" style is extremely popular in the area, a prominent subculture existing alongside an appreciable but less well-known working class in the Grosse Pointes.

Thank you Wikipedia, now back to Kelsey.

The Village   - the downtown shopping area that is more like a mall than a downtown with stores like Ann Taylor (and Loft), Gymboree, Coldwater Creek, Chico's, and Talbot's...
They also have a Trader Joe's, Kroger, about 10 coffee places including Starbucks and a Carribou, a Panera, and lots of other restaurants.
And this is about 3 blocks from my house!

So as you can probably tell Lee and I don't quite fit in, in Grosse Pointe.... but we don't quite fit in, in Detroit either. It's a no win situation that if I hadn't lived in Grenada previously I might not be prepared for.... but whatever.

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