Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1 week in Michigan

This has been a crazy busy week! 
I can't believe I've already been here a week.

I've come to love this apartment more and more.
I love the kitchen and the big living room, our sunny bedroom, and even our pink bathroom... 
The neighbors are great, and I got a job 2 blocks away!!
more about all of those things later.

I'll share some pictures of our first day in the apartment and around the neighborhood to calm everyone's fears about me living in downtown Detroit..... and then later I'll share about the real Detroit.

 Grosse Pointe, MI
if this town had a motto it'd be "a bubble of obnoxiously wealthy people in the middle of a city in despair" 

 Our quiet little street.
We're about 1 mile from the shore of Lake St. Clair.
There is a park with a pool, but not really beach access anywhere around here. 
About 30 minutes north there is a beach that I want to check out though! 

 St. John's Hospital - where Lee is rotating.
The hospital is huge!  and I'll tell lots more about what Lee's doing later. promise.

A new header is in order as well I know..... but what am I supposed to do without pinick?? :(


Kensi said...

Thanks for the update. The pictures look awesome... But I need details woman!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Lea Liz said...

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures in your new city!!!

Have you heard of the website picmonkey.com? It is comparable to picnik. Not sure if you can do headers and such since I don't know how..lol but check it out!!


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