Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lee's Life in Michigan

Lee has been doing his rotations at the hospital for about a week and half now.
They started my poor boy in Surgery ICU.
Right off the bat he has been on his feet for about 10 hours a day and witnessing horrific and incredibly sad situations.  I'm not allowed to talk about specifics but - gun shots, stabbings, drugs, and death after death after death.

His alarm goes off at 4:45am and he's out the door by 5:30.
We live about 1 mile from the hospital so Lee has been walking each day.  He said he didn't know when he'd squeeze in exercise otherwise.
He has a pager that goes off whenever they have someone come in.  He has to spend some time on call and will have to do a few 30 hour shifts.

Right now he isn't really with any other students.  He is with about 3 residents and does whatever they do.  He has an Attending Doctor they all report to and some days they're really nice and patient and other days they're jerks and try to make you feel like an idiot, even though it's your first week.

He's been in suture clinics and can now sew someone up.
He's learning trade names for drugs, proper settings on the machines, how to keep up and act like he's been doing this his whole life, and how to deal with nurses.

He'll be in surgery until the end of August.  Next he has vascular, general surgery, trauma surgery, pediatric surgery, and then another general. 

Surgery life is not for us.

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Kensi said...

wow! that sounds so stressful! but if anyone can do it I know Lee can! and thanks for the update! what do you think about St. Clair Shores to live... too far? I want to live in Grosse Point if we can find something in our price range, but I've looked at SCS and it seems to be cheaper. Do the boys need Smart Phones?... (this is a rumor I'm hearing) So Lee has weekends off? When he comes home does he have to study or can he just relax? What about houses outside of Grosse Pointe... like right outside the limits... safe or too risky? Is there a Walmart close by? Sam's Club/Coscto? Sorry I have a ton of questions... and I'm sure that I will be thinking of more! Thanks Kelsey!! :-)


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