Tuesday, February 28, 2012

40 Reasons I want to go to Grenada March 31st - April 8th

1.  I will be on spring break that week
2.  Lee will be finished with the USMLE and will not be busy and he deserves a vacation!
3.  I miss Grenada so much it makes me want to cry
4.  Limes After School Program
5.  Jade
6.  The beach
7.  Queen Elizabeth Home
8.  BelAir Home
9.  Easter in Grenada is one of the most perfect times of the year weather wise
10.  The kites the kids fly on Easter
11.  Rainbows
12.  Mango trees over flowing with fruit (I don't like Mangoes, but they are pretty)
13.  BJ
14.  Shanika
15.  CSA Easter choir and baptism on black sand beach
16.  Sunshine!
17.  Briana
18.  I want to see the new Limes structure
19.  Ezra
20.  Snorkeling
21.  Kevon
22.  Stephanie Scurlock
23.  The Carenage
24.  The beautiful colors of the flowers
25.  Cantelope smoothie
26.  The gorgeous sunsets
27.  Miguel
28.  Waterfalls
29.  Jivona
30.  Laura Conley
31.  Jada
32.  I miss those sweet little accents
33.  I want to hear "bus bus bus bus bus!?"
34.  Jessie Leath
35.  Kyla
36.  Laura Lackey
37.  I want to hear the little ones say "Miss Kelsey"
38.  When will we EVER have a more perfect time to go?  no work, no school, no kids, etc.
39.   I want to see Deana's new eye!
40.  I want to sit in the Limes field and be smothered in hugs :)
Why I will be sitting in Pedro, Ohio March 31st - April 8th.... plane tickets cost an arm AND a leg and Lee and I are poor kids. 
boo :(

I am however selling vintage items in my Etsy store to earn some money towards a plane ticket someday :)

Why didn't God make Grenada and Ohio closer?  or at least within driving distance?


Jessie said...

:) I wish you could come too!!! Dang plane tickets!!!

-STEPHANIE said...

I couldn't make the top 10!?!? Number 22!!?!? tsk tsk. :) Miss you too!

Laura Conley said...

I've clearly been slacking on my blogger updates and just now saw this! I wish you could come! BUT I will be here for another year and that means you are guaranteed a free place to stay as long as I am here!! :)

Rob, Michelle, Luke & Harper said...

I love how much you love Grenada!!!!!


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